Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Red Viking: Bringing this back!! SMITE


So I think I'm going to try and keep this blog alive after some time away from it. I will post when ever i think of something to write about and today I'm going to talk about...

 Yes it is the game that has sparked some controversy because its main characters are gods that people either used to believe in or still believe in to this day. But that is what actually is drawing me into the game. I really loved Greek and Norse mythology. I suppose that this game could also be called educational in a school environment too because for each of the characters there's a video made and a section in-game for their lore. (see below)

speaking of in-game features, there is an ability to make a load-out for each character so that in game you don't have to waste time picking the items and you can get straight into battle.

There is also the option to select what ability the god levels up at each level. I don't believe this should be used though because you need to adapt to the fight sometimes, but that's only my opinion.

In addition you can level up yourself and each individual god. leveling up a god will unlock a skin that you can only buy after reaching the first level of the god. it is always gold with blue detail and when you reach the tenth level you get a skin that's gold and black.

There are many game modes as well. such as arena where is an all out battle to get your minions into the other teams portal. It gives me more of an fps feel. there is the normal versions like conquest (3 lanes). assault which is like ARAM. joust thats is 3v3 in one lane with jungle on the side and a recent addition of seige which is 2 lanes with jung on every side and a center goal that you want to get to first.

OH!! and did I mention its in                            
                                                 3RD PERSON!! (that makes it feel like a faster paced game)

Thats all for the little intro to smite but I do and always will have every god because of a deal they had going. so i do have the newest god Osiris

keep an eye out for more smite posts coming soon (hopefully). I will see you all later. so in the meantime play a game of smite!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit- Whales Choking on Human Waste?

Tag along with Pete as he discusses recent beached whale cases appearing around the globe! Do you think we should be taking better care of our planet? Tell us how you feel in the comments below, and on your way down there you should totally give the Like and Subscribe buttons a high five! Thanks for watching!

Source: http://www.realnews24.com/gray-whale-dies-bringing-us-a-message-with-stomach-full-of-plastic-trash/
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Steamworks: Friendship, The Last Straw, and Frying Fish- It's Ask Pete!

Join Pete on this Tuesday's Pete's Bit as he does his very first Ask Pete! Ask Pete will be a segment where Pete takes YOUR questions and tries to answer as much as he can! Today's questions come to us from Redditors vswaga, Comassion, casey_ross, and s_mw. If you have a question for Pete or you would like to answer one (or some) of the questions below, feel free to answer through Twitter (#AskPete or @petebroguy) or simply drop your response in the comments below! While you're commenting, don't forget to Like the video and Subscribe to the channel!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete Does DC!

Join Pete as he uses the two perspective feature on his phone for the first time in his conquest to explore some of DC's most beautiful locations, from the Air and Space Center to the Lincoln Memorial! If you're up for the challenge, your mission is to shoot up that Like button, wreck havoc in the comments below, and Subscribe to Pete's Bit so you may receive more missions from your overlord! (Thanks for watching!)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Steamworks: Pete's Bit: Costumes VS Cosplays

Pete's BACK! In this episode of Pete's Bit, Peter talks about his opinions on casual costumers v.s. the hardcore cosplayer! Be sure to leave your comments down below, slap that sexy Like button, and tap that hot Subscribe button.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Third Anniversary Event!

Guess what viewers?! It's PBD's 3rd anniversary!

We're all pretty excited here at PBD, and it's hard to believe that's it's already been three years of operation (Most of us had lost count, to be honest). Typically, we haven't really done anything in the past to celebrate our collective birthday (it's more of a birth month, but you get the idea; our ACTUAL birthday is October 27th, in case you card though). But this year, we thought we'd change things up a bit...


That's right! For our 3rd Anniversary, PBD will be participating in Extra-Life's charity event starting in November! Here are all the details:

What: Extra-Life is a charity organization where you and a group of people can get together and raise money by streaming games consistently for 25 hours straight. The funds raised go to the streamers' local children's hospital (in our case, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia).

When: Nationally, the event starts on November 2nd at 8:00 A.M. and runs until November 3rd at 9:00 A.M. While we would like to participate on the national day, many of us will not be available that day, so instead, we'll be doing our's the weekend after. Our stream will start at 6:00 P.M. on Friday, November 9th and we will conclude the event with our weekly episode of The Fellowship of the Flame. The stream should last anywhere from 27 to 30 hours, depending on how long our Dungeons and Dragons game lasts.

Extra Details: Our goal is to raise at least $150.00. If it's possible, we'd love to totally demolish that goal, but as a relatively small site, we don't want to set impossibly high goals. Click here to go to our page on Extra-Life. The donation is tax deductible (if you care about that). So far, Peter (The Steamworks), Chazz (Shatterblog!), and Eric (The Red Viking) are signed on for the event (this list will be updated as more PBD members sign on). WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING DONATIONS EVEN BEFORE THE ACTUAL EVENT! To donate, click on a team member at the bottom of the page, and click the big orange "Support Me!" button (or just click here). None of your money goes through our hands (physically and virtually), so you are 100% ensured that it is sent to CHOP.

The PBD Radio tab has been updated with the schedule for this special event. All of us here are really excited to make a difference, and we encourage you folks to come out, join us on the livestream, have some fun, and of course to contribute whatever is affordable for you. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment here, Tweet us @BetterDolphin, or email us.

Thanks for being with us for 3 years!

Project Better Dolphin

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Steamworks: The Fellowship of the Flame Info (10/20/2013)

Hey Gang,

I just wanted to update you guys on a bit of info for TFotF; we did NOT meet on Saturday night like we were supposed to due to several people in our group not being available for many reasons. However, we are trying to get together Tuesday afternoon, on October 22nd, 2013. I have posted a not on the PBD Radio page as a reminder. Time tables are below:

4:00 P.M. Eastern Time

3:00 P.M. Central Time

2:00 P.M. Mountain Time

1:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Please note that there is a chance we won't be meeting on Tuesday, and furthermore there is still a chance we won't be able to meet Saturday again due to busy schedules. Hopefully all of the hassles everyone is going through will be over soon, and we'll be back on a normal schedule. If you have any questions regarding anything from time schedules, rules, characters... literally ANYTHING (okay, maybe not ANYTHING, but pretty much anything), don't be afraid to drop it in the comments below or tweet @BetterDolphin. Trust me, we'll answer you . Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for instant updates as well.

Peter, The Steamworks

(P.S: We currently have an AMA on Reddit, so don't be afraid to ask us any questions you have there as well. Just wanted to let y'all aware of that. We'll be checking it a few times a day.)