Friday, October 28, 2011

Slightly Redder Red: Zombieville 2

MikaMobile is once again blowing me away with a game on iOS, this time in the form of a sequel to their 2009 hit Zombieville USA.

With Battleheart released last year (I think), I was really skeptical on how MikaMobile was going to be able to top that tactical RPG gem. When I heard that Zombieville 2 was in the works, I was actually very skeptical on how good it would be. I was expecting a rehash of the first game, simply with maybe a few added characters and weapons, like Colosseum Heroes added to the Colosseum game series. My low expectations, however, have been completely shattered.

Zombieville 2 is a complete departure from the original game, abandoning the linear side scrolling format for a level hopping brawler similar to something you might find at your local bowling alley. I mean that in a totally good way. It plays like an arcade beat-em-up, and ports amazingly from a cabinet to an iPhone. The levels are always replayable, and grow in difficulty each time up, similar to the first game, but now are unlocked by the amount of Zombies killed instead of just beating the level. The zombies look even better than ever, with the models being diversified beyond the design of the simple green skinned walker. Think Team Fortress 2 diversity.

And the in-between level shop? Completely redone. Instead of walking around and picking to upgrade your weapon like the first game, it's now a full interface, with character skins, weapons, and perks all easily accessible. Although it is sort of hard to acquire money, I can't complain. Grinding is fun enough to not be repetitive, considering how hectic the game can get sometimes, especially in the later levels. Enemies frantically coming in from all sides definitely reminds one of Battleheart, especially the arena levels. And the music? No longer the same track looping over and over again. Although this track is heard in the menu screens, be prepared for an awesome soundtrack that totally reflects the feel of the game.

However, the BIGGEST addition to the game has to be the addition of a multiplayer mode. It's over Bluetooth, not servers or LAN (although there is an option to hook up with a friend over GameCenter), so expect a super smooth experience. Beating up zombies with a buddy is totally awesome, and prepare for some F3AR style competition for MVP. It's a tad glitchy, but that's expected of a game only a day or two old. Expect quality.

Problems? The joystick is sort of wonky. While most iOS games featuring a joystick allow your thumb to drift outside the boundaries of the circle itself, this one doesn't, and may take a little time to get used to. This doesn't ruin the game though, so it's not a big deal.

But, overall, it's a super hot game totally worth the $0.99 (get it while it's still such a low price!).

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