Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shatterblog!: Fillerbunny Series Review

Yes, that is an aborted fetus...
As promised, here is a review of all the Fillerbunny comics. Guess what he does! Anyway, Fillerbunny fills unneeded space in comics with horrible things. He is created by science to bring you joy through his suffering. He regularly converses with some unseens force that does terrible things to him. If you have a REALLY sick sense of humor, youll probably love it. Fillerbunny undergoes various tortures, and every time he grows to love anything, it is immediately shot in the face. He dances, he cries, he bleeds, he gets his leg replaced with a zombie bee. There isn't really plot, just a series of barely connected horrible travesties spanning 3 books. There are randomly interjected "autobiographical" bits, where J.V. draws himself drawing these comics and arguing with the chief. It's all good fun. It is definitely offensive, between Aborto (pictured) and Rape-bo, a rapacious hobo. Language isn't really bad, but there are a ton of jokes that could be considered in bad taste. Violence is rampant, as well as horrible suffering and misery. It's funny only to people with a unique and probably horrible sense of humor.The art kinda sucks, but it's intentional, so right on. I definitely suggest you read it. 8/10

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