Monday, November 21, 2011

Shatterblog! Stupid "Trends" (Moar Rant!) (Rated R?)

This one is a little shorter. So, I'm angry again. I hate when things are "hip" or "hipster". Namely, Invader Zim. I fucking love Invader Zim. I love J.V.'s more disturbing work too. I have a GIR hoodie, but I never wear it because Hot Topic sells Invader Zim shit (I don't mind Hot Topic, I like their shirts) and therefore every time some whiny 10 year old decides he's goth now, he gets a fucking GIR hoodie. Instead of lumping him in with the real fans (cause we don't want him, he's a douchebag) all the real fans get lumped in with THOSE people. Jesus. Why can't people just be honest in their appearance? Why would people pretend to like something they don't to get attention? Fuckin' kids these days.

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