Saturday, November 19, 2011

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 1

Because WHY NOT do a weekend update thing? With lists! Yay!

1) I've had Skyrim for 8 days, and Steam has tracked my time in-game as 68 hours. I need to get outside or something. Or not. I'm thankful they're releasing an update for the game after Thanksgiving, I've already run into more than a few bugs. The College of Winterhold quest is bugged with a dead Arch-Mage, and for some reason my Steam overlay and screenshots aren't working. Oh well, hoping this will be fixed.

2) That Rainn Wilson movie Super is just over the top and crazy. Of course, Wlison is basically playing Dwight, but a really violent and criminally insane Dwight who hits people with pipe wrenches. And of course there's Nathan Fillion's Christ Crusader to give some hilarious TV segments, and Ellen Paige as Bolty to keep things delightfully weird. But really, two thumbs up, specially when Wilson sends the line jumpers at the movies to the ICU.

3) I need to start playing Dark Souls instead of Skyrim, keep thing fresh. Oh well, I'll do it eventually. But on Skyrim, for anyone who's found the underground land of Blackreach, how fucking dope is that??????

4) I have a good report card! Yay!

5) Minecraft has a really hard endgame, and I really have no idea how I'm supposed to get there. I now have actual motivation to do things other than stare at pigs all day until I starve to death. Also, might pick up and do a review of the pocket edition, although I've heard it's mediocre and not worth picking up anyway. Oh well, more time to just keep playing Skyrim.

6) DC Universe would be so much more fun if I had people to play with. Chazz and Peter are far from max level, and MMOs are only fun socially. And everyone else who plays the game is a fucking idiot, really. Although there are a lot of fun conversations in Metropolis about how Marvel is superior to DC, but us Dark Horse junkies just sit back and troll the line.

Thanks for listenin', chiiiiiiiiildren!

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