Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The SteamWorks: SWOTR Opens Beta To All Registered Players Before 11/11/11!

Hey Gang,

So anyone who signed up for the Closed Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta BEFORE 11/11/11 recieved an email last Friday which included the following:

"Greetings __________,

Your account has been selected to participate in an upcoming Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Beta Weekend Test. If you have previously tested or are currently participating in an ongoing test, you will be invited again. Additional details for this upcoming test will be announced soon.

As part of this test, we will be partnering with games industry sites to distribute additional beta codes as necessary. This will help ensure we meet our population goals, so we can effectively stress test our servers in preparation for launch. Please do not acquire and redeem one of these codes as it could jeopardize your ability to participate in this test.

As a reminder, should you choose to participate, everything associated with this test (game information, process, forums communication, etc.) is confidential and may not be discussed outside of the Game Testing forum. Additionally, your participation in the Game Testing Program is subject to the
Game Testing Agreement.

May the Force be with you,
The Star Wars: The Old Republic Team"

Again, ONLY those of us who have registered for Beta Testing BEFORE 11/11/11 (That's November 11th, 2011) should have recived this email. For players who were not registered for Beta before 11/11/11, BioWare has generously gifted Beta codes to sites such as IGN, Massively, and other gaming news sites. IF you have recived this email, BioWare is asking that you DO NOT apply for or recieve these extra Beta codes, for it could screw up your chances of participating in the Beta weekend.

Now, I don't know about all of you readers, but I'm super pumped for the Beta weekend. However, this will probably result very badly for myself, as I only have my crappy laptop and cannot run AAA games, especially when they are highly populated (AAA games, for those of you that don't know, are amazingly good games which usually include serious graphics and dynamic gameplay and often cast a high budget).

Hope everyone has fun playing,

Peter, The SteamWorks 

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