Friday, December 9, 2011

Shatterblog!: Castle Season One Review

So I realize I'm way behind the times, but I just watched the first season of Castle over the last few days. It's an important plot point in this review that Nathan Fillion is my favorite actor, Firefly is my favorite show, and Halo (which he voices in) is my favorite game franchise. So I'm a bit biased.
The basic premise of the show is nothing astonishingly creative. A crime write Richard Castle (Fillion) has writers block, end up involved in a polica case, and decides to start following Detective Becket (Katic) around on cases to get material for a new series. The cases are pretty interesting, and each episode can stand alone as a single case. I constantly try to guess who the killer is, and it often goes in directions I don't suspect in the least. A lot of crime shows these days are losing this fresh feeling. Castle maintained it beautifully, at least for the first season. The real draw of the show has to be the characters. Castle is the best (no bias at all there). He's definitely a douchebag a lot of the time, but he's funny. A lot of his jokes are actually really clever, which is different from most douchebags' heavy use of lame one-liners. His relationship with Beckett, who is a fan, but finds him annoying, is the source of a lot of laughs. His relationship with his mother, who lives with him, is even more fun at times. I think the relationship he has with his daughter could be a bit more fleshed out, but it's realistic, and there are some pretty touching moments. The show does a good job of balancing story (usually the case) progression along with character interaction and development. I won't include spoilers, but at one point Castle does a Chris Walken impression. It was hysterical. I highly recommend it to anyone. No bias whatsoever.

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