Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shatterblog!: The Old Republic

Obviously, I already wrote a lot on The Old Republic. However, as the early access to the full game has begun, I will be covering it more completely over the next several weeks. I'm definitely stealing IGN's "Review Log" idea. I'll post entries about crafting, combat, story, etc, as well as my experiences around once a week.Honestly, I'm tired of seeing like 15 Slightly Redder Red posts. That was a joke. At least SOMEONE here is writing. Yeah, I'm taking shots at all my compatriots. Problem? Anyway, if there's anything you'd like covered in detail, make sure to drop a comment. Prove to me that you exist. I'm pretty sure only ghosts are reading this. All that aside, let me know, and expect regular updates.

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  1. I love how my name is like WOOSH and all bold and shit.


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