Saturday, December 3, 2011

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 3

So, my week has been extremely busy, and I had no time to make any other posts besides this one.

1) I started track this week, and for someone who has literally never exercised vigorously for six days a week, running a little more than 3 miles a day is taking serious tolls on my legs... they literally feel like jelly sometimes.

2) The only enjoyment I've had all week was spending my free time playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and I beat the main story in about nine hours. Much shorter than Brotherhood or AC2, but it was still a really satisfying experience. I was severely pissed off about IGN's 8.5 score. Eight point five? Seriously? The story was wrapped up nicely for Ezio, he knew his purpose, and he played his necessary part in keeping the balance of the world intact, and I'm super excited to play as Desmond in AC3. Although I heard that it's gonna take place mostly in Egypt. WHYYYYY, I wanted to be an assassini around New York City or something cool, not Egypt. Cop-out in my opinion, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the fuck out of it nonetheless.

3) Last weekend I had a super awesome happy fun time having a really long marathon playing the Old Republic beta, and I feel awesome about planning on picking up this gem. Twelve hours of experience denotes a perfect score from me. Also, I love the dodge roll you do when you take fall damage so much I found myself purposely taking fall damage just so I could see the roll.

4) I got a new keyboard and mouse for my sixteenth, which are working beautifully, and I'm not allowed to complain about them anymore.

5) Starting KOTOR again, and this time I'm not going to be a huge whiny bitch about not healing outside of combat. But seriously, why NOT include that in the game? Dragon Age has it. Is it an idea that literally occurred to them years after making the game, like Bethesda and quick travel via your map?

6) I'm getting back into Civilization, and can't decide whether I want to start devoting time to four or five. Hmff. Decisions. Five might win me over on account of Russian Death Robots (why are the death robots always either Russian or Cybertronian?).

So yeah, happy days to all, and I'll start posting regularly again when I regain 90% control over my legs.


  1. You? Track? Should I be accelerating my plans for a nuclear bunker? Is the apocalypse upon us? Cuz if the world ends before I hit max level in SWTOR I'll be pissed.

  2. To go longer I imagine Alduin is chasing me and I have nothing to defend myself with, and I hum the Elder Scrolls theme to myself

  3. You are the most enormous tool breathing.


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