Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 4

It's cookie weekend. So much dough. And cookies.

1) Was out all week of sports with a bad ankle. Sucks, hurts to walk, figures the first time in 6 years I get up to exercise regularly I'm not able to do that anymore. Whyyyyy.

2) Resistance 3 is sooooo much better than people are putting it out to be. A lot of people are citing Game Informer's average review, calling them "professionals" (I personally have always hated the writers of Game Informer) and that their opinion is probably the most accurate, but what the fuck do THEY know? They're the ones who keep giving the annual Call of Duty near perfect reviews (then again, so is the rest of the industry). I feel sorry for Insomniac in that they spent their budget making an amazing game then paying off reviewers to give it a good score (or begging their fans on Twitter).

3) To the passing remark I made about the whole "CoD Director Asking Fans to Give it a Perfect Score on Metacritic" incident (and I have explained my stand on that before): the video game that set world records for being the fastest selling entertainment product of all time has no need for grovelling for purchases. If, let's say, a small indie company was Twittering to their fans saying "Hey, guys, it'd be super cool if you recommended our game to your friends, and maybe shoot it a good review!" They might need the extra sales by word of mouth because they put all their budget into the game, not into market campaigns lasting months on end. If Infinity Ward does it? They already spent millions of dollars on marketing, and they've already got over fifty thousand perfect review scores from every game reviewer and their mom. I honestly get really mad thinking about that. I'm so hipster.

4) I made a model of the Gaping Dragon boss from Dark Souls. Here's pics!

  It's kinda meh, did it in about 20 minutes. Kept falling over.

5) I really enjoy these weekend update posts....

6) I do have 2 articles waiting in the wings which I'll put out next week, just to avoid not putting anything out. My erratic schedule as of late has made it hard to post things as often as I used to. Also will probably start making more shitty models just because they're something I really enjoy doing.

Thanks for listenin', chiiiiiiildren. Hahahaha, I love Three-Dog. Nazir is cool too.

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