Friday, December 16, 2011

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 5

1) I DID have a second article to put out, it's sitting in the drafts section, but I published two posts besides my Weekend Update this week and it would be weird to do more than two. The procrastination comic was brought on by not doing a paper on A Separate Peace, which is, if you haven't read it, the Top Gun of american literature. Like, really. There are so many unintentionally homosexual scenes it kills me. We actually brought it up in class, and my teacher told us the author had been pressed about this before, and apparently  he actually had no idea the book would ever be considered gay in any way. Literally shocked at the notion. How?

2) Know how Old Republic comes out in like, a few days? Guess what?


Magicka Sabers are totally lore friendly. But I don't understand why the maker of the mod couldn't just ADD the Jedi Robes to the game instead of retexturing Blade's Armor. He added the sabers... but I won't complain. Author of this mod is a fucking bro, and I enjoy wielding my Sith Warblade and Jedi Peacemaker with a great enthusiasm. Plus, I can wear Daedric Armor and look like Vader sorta. It's evil.

3) Acquiring Deus Ex: HR in the near future, so we'll see how that goes. Expecting good things.

4) I want to either reread the entire His Dark Materials trilogy or Ender's Game. Probably will go with Ender's. I need sci-fi literature to read. Yes, I consider HDM both fantasy and sci-fi, like Star Wars.

5) Working on more shitty models. Almost finished Ornstein, and I got sidetracked and started making little soldiers and made a little battlefield for them to fight in. On the subject of Battlefield 3 (even though I state in my bio bullshit whatever that I will not talk about Battlefield 3), my father intends on getting really good at it, and is playing Modern Warfare with my brother and I to train. Not that Modern Warfare is going to train him for tanks and planes and shit, but hey, shooting will be covered. And the original Modern Warfare. No COD game will ever top Modern Warfare.

...... DARN! That's the end.


  1. You WILL direct me to this mod.



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