Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 6 [Special Makeup Edition]

Yeah, so I kind of haven't contributed in the last week or two, which is REALLY rare for me, and I feel bad about it, so this is a special long list of things that mattered to me recently.

1) So, uh, happy 2012! Already have some pretty good New Years firsts; first movie I saw this year was Mystic River, which was pretty awesome, and the first game was (of course) Skyrim. But damn, 2012 look like it's gonna be pretty good. Mass Effect 3 drops in a few months, Assassin's Creed 3 is going to happen, Mists Of Pandaria is going to make me glad I dropped World of Warcraft from the list of games I play, and The Dark Knight Rises goes into the theaters. Looking great. And a new Tarentino movie!!... at the end of the year. Fuckkkk.

2) I have a responsibility to play The Old Republic and be good at it so I can benefit those around me via participation, but I'm so distracted. Skyrim is now at hour one hundred thirty-two, so I'm still putting a lot of time into that. I actually tried role playing as a Daedra hating mage, but it took one Daedra with promise of stashed booty to bring me to the dark side. Seriously, though, one hundred thirty-two hours. Hours. That's pretty... I don't know. I didn't know I could dedicate myself to something for such a large amount of time before now.

3) Other games taking my time that SWTOR should be taking: Neverwinter Nights. After interneting around like an asshat trying to get it to work via google search, I just tried to explore solutions and found out how to run this dated thing in about five minutes. Ingenuity! But really, barely into the first chapter and I'm hooked already, although I do wish I could get the multiplayer to work. Alas, multiplayer or not, the dwarf Paladin Gwirin Fauxhammer is content to wander Neverwinter solo. Well, solo as in just me. There's henchmen and junk, of course. If I can get an LAN going with my brother, that might work.
      Deus Ex: Human Revolutions is also eating a fair share of my time. I'm at about... sisteenish hours into the game. I ragequitted because a boss was too hard last time I played (it's the chick with the sidehawk), so I'm not exactly sure on what chapter I'm on or how much I've got left. Although if I'm two thirds of the way through in about sisteen hours, nice. Rather excellent pacing on the dev's part.
      Infamous 2 is once again getting beaten. Hard mode on a good playthrough, and then easy evil playthrough. This is all achievement whoring, and just a chance to play this gem again. My second favorite game this year.

4) After playing through Resistance 3, I kind of have a second opinion on it. I know before I may have said things along the lines of "Oh, it's so great to see the resolution and blah blah," but after playing the game, I'm not sure it was needed. I'm not calling R3 a bad game in any way, no sir, but I think it would have been fine to drop it after Resistance 2's fantastic ending. R3 felt redundant, I guess I'm trying to say. Nobody needed the fine little happy ending, after the two terribly sad endings of its predecessors. R3 felt like it didn't belong, in a way, it was completely detached from the original story line so that it felt tacked on. Yes, there were elements from the previous games' story present, such as the power tower and Dr. Malikov, but it truly felt detached.
     Tl;dr, Resistance 3  is not a bad game, but in conjunction with it's previous installments, it feels redundant and trite story wise. If Insomniac had left off at Resistance 2 and left the world to wonder what happens next, with the savior of mankind dead and the Chimeran warship lighting up like a nuclear bomb, it could have been one of the greatest two game IPs out there (excluding seperate handheld releases).

5) With Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time coming out soon, and with the HD remake of the original Sly Cooper trilogy in stores, I think it's time for an HD remake that would make everyone happy: the Jak and Daxter games (excluding that terrible fourth one). Precursor Legacy, Jak 2, and Jak 3 would be absolutely amazing to play in HD. I know I'm not the only human who wants this to happen desperately.

6) Once again, a great gaming community has up and died due to being overrun by faggotry. Who? Killing Floor. I really, really, really like Killing Floor, and it's one of my favorite games right now, but since it was on sale for close to two dollars over Christmas there's been an extreme migration of high voiced, whiny preteens that yell into their laptop mics for more money. Also, for those of you whiny preteens reading this who don't have a laptop mic and have to type, TYPE PROPER ENGLISH. HOLY SHIT. I CANNOT STAND FOR SUCH IGNORANT BUTCHERING OF THE LANGUAGE SPOKEN PROPERLY BY EVERYONE ELSE. Oh, and stop playing a marksman. You suck at it. I hate joining a game as a level five marksman and seeing four level zeroes stacking up at a corner, all of them wielding lever action rifles, and putting shots into the wall right above the heads of the horzine you're supposed to be capping. IF YOU CAN'T AIM, BE A GODDAMN SUPPORT SPECIALIST, SHOTGUN SHELLS ARE ADDRESSED TO EVERYONE WITHIN FOUR FEET OF YOUR BARREL. Fuck, man. Although when the situation I described above happens, which has a number of times, and I come in and start blowing heads in half like a boss motherfucker, and the kids start squealing that I'm stealing their kills, the immense satisfaction is practically orgasmic.

7) Super Meat Boy is really hard.

8) While I was writing this, I popped onto Bickabebia for a picture of Jak, and I saw that they ARE making an HD remake of the original Jak and Daxter trilogy, and it's being released this year. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSDAGSDFAYSDAHsgndyabgdsafdsaydsd.

9) Ready for a completely shameless and sponsor-less plug? Games of Gold dot com. Spend your money there. All these amazing classic games for the costing of amazingly low amounts of money makes for happy times. Yes, there are some new games on there, but the best feature is the classics like Baldur's Gate II and the original Fallout games. So many classic RPGs, so little time. And to think the only place I could find these games was on Pirate Bay! Now I can play them without feeling guilty.

And that concludes it. A really, really long ass list. Tell your friends!

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