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The SteamWorks: Working My Way Out of My Drought

Hey Gang,

Wow... it's been a long time since I've even used blogger.... It feels so ... so strange...

Anyway, can you believe I'm back, ACTUALLY bringing you guys some content?! Yeah, sorry about not doing that for a while... there were some big releases for me such as a W101 major content patch back in early November, and SWTOR coming out late December. I've been so addicted to Star Wars, I've barely had time for anything else.

As Chazz said in his last depressing post, yes ... my month-old desktop, Jarvis, is (momentarily) dead . For some reason my graphics card (a HD Radeon 6870) was overheating (I suspect a defective fan; at idle, I was at 70 Celsisus, and in game it'd top 105 Celesius, which every person who knows about computers knows it's  very bad news. So of course it was shutting my PC down. What that means for people who don't quite know: I could boil eggs on my graphics card.). THEN, shortly after I find out this is happening, I accidentally "strained" Jarvis's wires connecting the side panel case fan to the PC and they ripped off. Poor Jarvis was writhing with pain. THEN, shortly after that, there was a mini explosion in my PC and long story short my computer wouldn't start. I thoroughly examined all the pieces inside, though, and I'm lead to believe that I somehow managed to pop a fuse in the power supply. So that led to an emotional break-down, which lead to me calling, the place I bought the computer from, and asking them what the warranty covers (their customer service, by the way, is excellent, helpful, and very nice... that doesn't happen today). The story ends with me shipping out Jarvis to California on the past Tuesday (Damn the post office for closing down on MLK Day!). I suspect Jarvis should be repaired and home by the beginning of February, but I guess time will only tell...

So this led to some good news and bad news. The good news is, since my shitty laptop (which, by the way, is nameless, because I don't like it...) can't run SWTOR efficiently and since I quit W101 when SWTOR came out, I now have an absurd amount of free time on my hands! The bad news is... a lot of the screen shots of SWTOR that I took to post are on Jarvis. So I'm going to try to post more often now, because I feel bad about leaving this blog in a drought, even if no one reads it (if someone does, please correct us; we were thinking of writing our website down on rolls of public toilet paper...).

SO, since this is me officially coming back from my "break", I'll spend this post simply covering the different accomplishments I've made!
I should mention that this is not my toon...


- My main character in Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Human Sith Inquisitor (specialized in Sorcery). My name is Phobus (no, not like Darth Phobos, another character in the Star Wars Universe. Phobus as in the Greek word for fear). My legacy title is Dunamos (Greek for "power"). I decided to make Dark Side choices with this character. I, along with Chazz and J.D, play on Belgoth's Beacon server, and we are all extremely proud members of the guild < Calamitous Intent >. I serve as a healer.

- My trained skills are Slicing, Artifice, and Archaeology, however I only really participate in Slicing (skill maxed at 400). The other two just don't seem to be worth it to me, at least not for now. Slicing's nice though, because its free money. I've heard that your crafting changes in usefulness at end game, however, so we'll see where the galaxy takes me.

Face it, he's just so adorable... I want a plushie!
- I beat my main story around January 10th, 2012 late at night, earning myself the title Darth Nox in the main story and Darth Phobus in the regular game, which gave me many aneurysms full of excitement.

- I made level 50 on Saturday, January 14th, 2012 at around 6:30 in the morning.

- I've decided that my two favorite Sith Inquisitor comapnions are Khem Val and Xalex (my all time favorite has to be Blizz).

- I've been doing daily and weekly quests to get some PvP gear, and so far I have both my implants, my boots, and my offhand. Don't even mention Illum dailies/weeklies to me... I might cry and throw something at you *cough Chazz cough*.

- I have 7 low level alts with the names as follows (List is as of 1/19/12):

a. Atlis (Level 7 Miralukan Jedi Knight; Male)
b. Hemera (Level 7 Human Republic Smuggler; Female)
c. Phobos (Level 1 Sith Pureblood Warrior; Male)
d. Tavot (Level 5 Zabrak Imperial Bounty Hunter; Male)
e. Malla (Level 2 Twi'lek Sith Inquisitor; Female)
f. Vulka (Level 10 Zabrak Sith Marauder; Female)
g. Hesita (Level 2 Miriallan Jedi Consular; Female)

I suspect Vulka, Tavot, or Phobos to be my next 50, so we'll see if that goes as planned. Chazz and I were taking up Bounty Hunters, but our buddy Eric picked up the game and our warriors are around the same level (mine obviously being Vulka; she's a bit behind though). I plan to hopefully catch up to them, but depending on what time Jarvis is back up and running, that has a chance of not happening. Also, when Chazz's girlfriend Carrol Anne picks up the game, I'm rolling Phobos with that group; so it really all depends on when she picks the game up.

Darth Malgus looking cool and Sith...
That's pretty much it for SWTOR news. It's really hard to review an MMO, because it takes such a long time to experience EVERY feature of the game, and chances are no one truly has. I might try to review it some day, but if I do, it's going to be more of a review of my sole course of the game. The thing that's great about MMOs is that (almost) everyone is different, and that's amplified by many levels in Star Wars. If you're debating on whether to get the game or whether the subscription is worth it or not, I'd say get it. If you're not sure if you'll like an MMO, go out and try Xbox Live and see how you like it; the concept is very similar, and if you enjoy playing with other people online, you might have a future in MMO gaming. I also understand that the subscription price is a bit ... well, pricey. I personally think the 6 month plan price should be the price of a year subscription, but obviously BioWare honestly doesn't give a damn about what I think. I recommend the 3 month plan, which is what I have. If you don't like teaming up with people, I'd like to assure you that almost all the main quests in your story line are designed to be solo-able. I think there was maybe two or three quests, including side quests, in the whole game up to 50 where I needed back-up. I would suggest getting a group of three other friends if you currently have none playing to start out with you; you can make your own guild, and from a personal standpoint the game is more enjoyable with friends, especially end-game play.

Aside from SWTOR, I haven't focused myself on anything enough that it deserves its own topic, SO:

2. Misc:

- I decided to step away from Wizard101 for a loooong time, and possibly forever. I'm sure I'll wind up coming back at some point, but the game just doesn't interest me right now.

StarKiller looking awesome. His lightsabers are just awesome...
- Over Christmas Break, I picked up Star Wars: Force Unleashed I & II (actually got a good condition used collector's box of II for less than $20). After deciding myself that Force Unleashed I was way too shitty for me to play, I decided to move on to II. Just in case you were curious, what you heard was right; the story was pretty bare. I played through the entire game in less than a day. There are some really cool features though, and sometime in the next two weeks (possibly tomorrow) I'll upload a review to the site, so you can check out everything I had to say about it.

- I started my own MineCraft Server! Woot!

- I'm changing my twitter over to @PVenuti from @LukeGoldHorn for obvious reasons.

He's watching you, Mr. Government...
- This SOPA and PIPA crap has really been pissing me off lately, but Anonymous is officially my hero. By the way, if this blog gets shut down due to SOPA and PIPA, I'm blaming it on the Russian Communists ... sorry Russia, but we don't need a nuclear internet. I like mine American and cancer free. 'Nough said.

So that's pretty much all I have for today. Please don't forget to subscribe and comment, if there's anyone there actually reading this (we have 1,000+ page views; we can't just be making that ourselves, you know). Spread the word if you can. Also, ideas on how to get our blog out in the public would be much appreciated! Remember: If you're a hipster, this site's for you!

May the Gamer Watch Over You,

Peter, The SteamWorks

(No? Maybe I'll try a different signature; I feel like my Maker reference was dumb)

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