Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resident Troll: Living Dead Girl Review

My tastes vary dramatically. I'm a girl who likes fashion, but also likes gaming. When it comes to novels, I'll read romance, and then switch  to pure fantasy. That being said, Living Dead Girl is a book not for the faint of heart, but it's so mystifying in its horror, that you want to keep reading.

Living Dead Girl is the story of Alice -- but she's not really Alice. Her haunting, empty voice narrates the prose. From the beginning you can tell that she is so utterly tired with the world she lives in, that she just wants it all to end.

Alice was kidnapped by a man named Ray when she was ten, and five years later, she's to help him find a new Alice. She isn't the first Alice, and nor does she believe she'll be the last. Alice willingly helps Ray because she is told that, if she tries to escape, he will return to her house -- 623 Daisy Lane, somewhere that becomes a place of fear, rather than relief -- and kill her loved ones.

Alice's words echo. You really don't want to enjoy this book, but it's fantastically written. The beginning of it starts with this is how things look, depicting an apartment complex for those who can't afford much, but honest people who can't afford much. Then it switches to this is how things are, and it makes you wonder about your neighbors.

The ending is terribly depressing, the only decent point being that Alice is finally liberated from life with a pedophile, but even then, you feel sad. The prose is fantastic and I'm saying this as a writer, not a reader. That forgives the content, as it looks into a darker part of reality. It isn't one of those books you can shelve and never read again. Something will want to make you return. I give it a 9/10.

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