Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shatterblog!: Valentines Day!

So, I hate Valentine's Day. I. Fucking. Hate it. And don't give me the "Bitter cuz you're single" garbage. I'm not this year, and I hate it just as much. I'll still do the cards and candy thing, because I'm not gonna be a douche, but I just think it's a dumb holiday. I will now post my rant from last year.

For one, it is an over commercialized Hallmark holiday. It continues to exist because it boosts sales in candies, diamonds, flowers, cards, condoms, and probably rope, bullets, and sleeping pills. As a big money maker, Valentine's Day encourages foolish spending by putting pressure on you to be a good significant other. Which brings me to my next point. Valentine's Day puts unfair pressure on people, primarily guys.Girls simply tend to take Valentine's Day more seriously. If you disappoint a girl on Valentine's Day, you'll hear about it for months at best, and will get dumped at worst. So guys sweat and worry about being a good guy on Valentine's Day, and if they're a good guy all year round, then they have to be amazing on Valentine's Day or they have failed. Perfectly happy couples break up just because a guy didn't meet his girl's expectations on one day, even if he surpasses them every other day of the year. It also puts pressure on people by establishing being in a relationship as "normal" and being single as "wrong and sad" which has a lot of consequences. Besides Christmas, Valentine's Day inspires the most suicides of any holiday. Being dumped on Valentine's Day is common, as if one person is no longer really committed to the other, a day of romance sounds like a pain in the ass. Thus, they dump their now boring other, who feels crushed by the fact that their day of romance won't happen. Because they feel rejected, and on top of that, "abnormal", they go home and eat their gun, or take a dive off a bookcase with a noose around their neck, or take enough sleeping pills to get their eight hours...and then some. Valentine's Day causes undue spending of money, pressure to please your significant other, pressure to HAVE a significant other, and often attempted/successful suicides. Why would we celebrate that?

Now on a positive note, nerdy Star Wars Valentine's that make me laugh 'til I hurt!

Also one that isn't Star Wars but makes me happy anyway.

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  1. I used to be a cold, heartless adventurer.... but then you put an arrow in my heart.


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