Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: The Steam Workshop

So, in this post I talk about why I was wrong about things I may have said.

The Steam Workshop recently received Skyrim as an addition to it's roster, considering how voracious the modding community for Skyrim is (and Team Fortress 2 was getting kind of lonely). And, I have to say, it's actually....

... neat.

I know in the past I may have gone on about how there's no contender for the number one modding spot on the internet, but the Steam Workshop might be sharing that spot. Not only is it incredibly convenient to be able to just open up Steam and check out what mods have been added recently, but there's also a mod manager. It's actually very straightforward, as well, it's just one button uninstall/install. I don't know how it'll handle modders updating their creations, but Valve is coming out pretty strong with this. Possible automatic updates, like they do for games through Steam? We'll see. Really, at this point, everything is about waiting and seeing what happens next. This is literally a day one assessment, so a lot of stuff is subject to change, but considering my love of Skyrim, you can count on me for this.

Innnnnnnnnnnn other Bethesda/Obsidian news, New Vegas recently got GOTY treatment (or, Ultimate Edition treatment), and is now available as one package with all its DLC. The best part? For forty dollars. That's a pretty intense deal. Buying all the DLC for the game when they were periodically released is more expensive that this. Totally fighting the power in regards to the fifteen dollar CoD map packs that get released every three months.

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