Friday, February 3, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 8

Hopefully back on a regular update schedule, the weekly listy and the article during the week. Exams are over, leaving me plenty of time to do things I want to do, which is nice. Expect content.

1) So, the Creation Kit is being released sometime in the next week or so. For those who don't know, the Creation Kit is the Skyrim version of the Construction Set for Morroblivion, and is apparently going to be the most innovative yet, with scene crafting, scripting, and new ways to incorporate user content. With the Creation Kit, and modding in general, I always have the same feelings; a vast game like Skyrim, even with hours of content, is always still a vast canvass for artists to continue adding onto, nothing can ever be completely filled (except for your hard drive, my Oblivion folder was about 30gb near the end of my run, I can't wait to see how far I can go with Skyrim).
       However, with the release of the Creation Kit comes the release of the Steam modding API (at least they finished theirs before Notch did), which I'm predicting will be the flop of the century. The Nexus, which I'm sure everyone who has ever played an Elder Scrolls game knows about, is too big and has too big of a loyal fanbase, and it will continue to dominate as the #1 spot for modders and mod users to congregate and share their work. For Steam to think they can compete with that is strange, seeing as Valve, of all people, should know what it's like to have an unwavering fanbase like they have (an appropriate analogy is Origin trying to get everyone to use their platform [I should stop bitching about Origin {but they're allowed to search my computer! <shhhhhh, obey your overlords, everything is all right>}]). I don't know, we'll see what happens in the coming months. 

2) Synergy was released. This is actually really cool, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Synergy is a Half Life 2 mod that allows cooperative play through Half Life 2's story mode and a few other cooperative and competitive modes, and I gotta say, it looks really good so far. Makes me want to play Half Life 2 again too.

3) Where the fuck is Black Mesa Source?

4) You know, I'm having a serious crisis. With Oblivion. I don't know why, but playing Morrowind and Skyrim have made me hate Oblivion for some reason. I don't know... I feel like after comparing Oblivion to the others, it makes me feel like it's the epitome of laziness. Yeah, there were a shitton of quests, and a shitton of content, but for some reason, everything about it looks lazy. The character models are ugly, even compared to the 2003 Morrowind models. Argonians and Khajits are basically just humanoids with a new head mesh (they didn't change them back into the Beast Races in Skyrim, except for new helmet meshes for Argonians and the added unarmed damage for Khajits, but at least they're different from the other races in some ways) and tails. Armor is also incredibly glossy looking and ugly. Especially glass. Daedric, however, takes the cake. A comparison across games: 

Morrowind Daedric armor looks so much more imaginative than the Oblivion one. The Japanese Spirit mask style looks better than the Eye of Sauron. I don't know. I used to love this game, but after I started some heavy comparison, I can barely play it anymore. Kill me.

5) This Weekend Update is basically just Elder Scrolls: The Post at this point.

6) I decided that at the end of every Weekend Update, I'd review a Skyrim mod. It's a nice little way to close, and since I love Skyrim (could you guess?) I figure it fits me.

     I'd like to talk about the Lore Friendly Armor Pack. I love new armor for Elder Scrolls games. It gives me new options, and some are really well done aesthetically. These ones take the cake. They're pure Elder Scrolls, no bullshit, and they look amazing. Sure, they're made from retexturing and splicing armor pieces from vanilla sets together, but they're incredibly well done. Look how damn fine they look! There's a few more sets, check them out for yourself at

Signing off.

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