Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 9.5

Okay, the last update was bullshit, so I decided to do something actual to redeem myself for feeling like an ass.

1) Star Wars: The Old Republic has lost its luster. I'm sorry. I'm considering unsubscribing my account. I don't know. I'm really conflicted over this. I thought the game was great the month or so after launch, but as time wore on, I just started seeing little flaws here and there, and then I thought the game was bad, and then I thought "I'll give it another chance," and then I realized I don't want to play it anymore. Lost its luster. Maybe because, in a nutshell, I was expecting something different, but after a month I summed up that SWTOR was just World of Warcraft and every other MMORPG released after Everquest, except with lightsabers and voiced dialogue. Om the subject of the voice acting, I actually remember some times when I played the game I would press mute during cut scenes because I thought it was so overbearing and dramatic. Vette, I'm looking at you.
Anyway, consider this my possible resignation from SWTOR. Possible. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow when I log on to give it a go.
So, how 'bout them Guild Wars 2s?
EDIT: My resignation is actually final. I wrote this before I made my final decision. 

2) The Steam Workshop's cornerstone feature, automatically updating the modder's content into the player's game, is actually a serious bitch. There's also no separate versions of a mod I can download, unlike on Nexus, and sometimes a modder makes HUUUUUGE changes to a mod without being able to tell his subscribers first, causing mass confusion. I'm now only using Steam Workshop for mods exclusive to there, like Fall of the Space Core or a couple other minor fixes.

3) For anyone looking for a depressing soundtrack to listen to, I have found the perfect one. I'm a pretty big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I love John Frusciante's playing, so when I found his solo albums, I thought they were great. And then I discovered the album he created in his apartment while he was completely out of his mind on heroin. Niandra Ladies and Usually Just a T-Shirt is just his voice and guitar tracks layered over one another, and let me tell you, it is goddamn depressing to listen to. Listening to the album in its entirety makes me want to off myself.  I can literally feel how fucked up John was when he was recording this, and it makes me feel low. Keep in mind, this album was considered so bad by most major stores that they rejected selling it, but if you'll give it a chance for what it is (the musical ravings of a tortured man on heroin), then you'll love it.

4) I consider the /v/GAs a success. They were funny, well put together, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to next year. Also hoping next year Valve doesn't take home every goddamn award they're nominated for. Also, Deus Ex totally should have gotten the Hyperbole Award. Dead Island's trailer was only so big because it shocked everyone who wasn't used to violence in mainstream media. The game was okay. Deux Ex, however, had an amazing cinematic trailer that actually had something to do with the game. The game was superb. If not, Dark Souls should have gotten the award. I could write an entire article about how things I wanted to happen didn't happen, but that's a given with any award ceremony I watch. If you didn't catch the 2011 Portal 2 Awards, you might be shit out of luck, because they got taken down off of YouTube because YouTube doesn't allow footage of internet celebrities sticking their dicks in blowup dolls and PS3s. Although, if you don't mind having them on your hard drive, you can download them off MegaUpl- I MEAN MEDIAFIRE. 

5) I refused to watch the Adele Awards 2012 on Sunday. No regrets, except for having the knowledge that King is Dead didn't get album of the year. Seriously, 21 and 19 both sucked, Adele is terrible, end of story, video games.

6) I love Crossed. And I hate Homestuck. But holy hell, I just found Crossed and it is the hypest shit ever. If you're looking for an extremely heavy read, this is it. The absolute point of no return is right fucking here.

7) Taking an extended absence from Skyrim until I finish a list of games I made up in Geometry on Monday. Will I make it? Probably not, considering I put Dark Souls on the list. Posting the list on Thursday. Wish me luck.

8) Why the absolute fuck am I not doing my bio lab?

Peace out, all.


  1. I really don't think Adele sucks. Honestly, she's a great singer, and anybody denying that might as well deny that The Beetles were the first actual rock and roll band. The reason why I dislike her is her songs. They're too Taylor Swift for me; always complaining about how guys are the devil. If she would come up with a song other than guys dumping her fat ass and how evil they are, I'd listen to her.

  2. I just hate her because of how annoying and white-knightish she is. Her songs are poorly written, too.


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