Friday, February 24, 2012

The SteamWorks: And The Clouds Drifted Apart...

Hey Gang,

So after my last post, which, I know, was a long time ago, I solemnly swore not to post again until Jarvis returned. Well, guess what?

JARVIS ... IS ... BACK!!!!!!!!

And he looks like he was just put together yesterday. He really does look good as new, although I can see some of the battle-scars I gave him so ... sorry, Jarvis!

And since I got Jarvis back, you know what that also means?


So let's get started:

1. SWTOR: I did some PvP on Phobus when I got Jarvis back and manage to buy my tier 1.1 PvP Chest Piece, which is awesome because my other one was terrible. It also looks pretty cool. I haven't had much luck with PvP gear bags; I keep getting Battlemaster tokens instead of the actual gear tokens, so I'm wondering if they took the gear tokens out. I don't think they did though, because there's still a gear token option when you talk to the PvP vendor... /shrug. I also play my Bounty Hunter from time to time, but not too often, because Chazz and I are planning to level them up at some point together. Sadly, Malla, my other Sith Inquisitor, has no recent progress to report. Vulka, my Sith Warrior, reached level 28 earlier this morning, which is awesome. She's finishing up the Bonus Series quest on Tatooine. I'm excited to get her to Act II in her story, and I'll be PvPing with her soon in an attempt to buy her level 40 PvP gear.

2. Alan Wake's American Nightmare: I bought and finished this small 4-5 hour Arcade add-on to Alan Wake on release day (Wednesday). I honestly don't know what's so scary about Alan Wake games, but they creep me out. After I play, I always turn all the lights on in my house. It was extremely good, and from the score IGN gave it, I was planning on it to kinda suck, but in the end was extremely satisfied. Expect a review on that soon. Can't wait for Alan Wake II!

3. Skyrim: I got 3 minutes deeper into Skyrim than I had before, which makes my playing time about ... 10 minutes? Yeah, I know it's pathetic, but it's a game where I need to have the attention span and patience to appreciate the game, which I don't have currently. I'm looking forward to playing more in the spring.

4. Left 4 Dead 2: One of my gaming friends (known as Cassandra GriffinDreamer in Wizard101) recently got L4D2 on PC, so we've been playing that and it's fun. I totally forgot that they released the L4D original campaign a while ago, so I've been trying to complete that since I've never played the first game. I'm also kinda surprised that the Cold Stream campaign or whatever it's called is still in Beta (reminds me of Pottermore and how they're almost 6 months behind on their promised release date). How good am I at L4D? Not bad; I might not always get the most kills, but I usually make it out alive, and I don't usually have friendly fire on my teammates.

5. Wizard101: Ok, I know I said I quit W101, and I meant it ... I did quit. But one of friends on the game, Paige MoonShade, is known for her skill in crafting houses in the game. The houses she constructs are honestly phenomenal. She does a lot of movie and book recreations like Avatar, and also recently completed a pirate themed house. Well, KingsIsle just released word of a new tag game feature for housing coming to the game later this year, so I told her she should do a tag house based on The Hunger Games; she and I both read the books and we both share a huge love for them. She offered to let me come watch her build the house and I simply couldn't resist. So I helped her build the house, and by help, I mean sit there and give her ideas mostly. Since only the owner of the house can place and move furniture, and you can't trade or mail items to other players, I didn't really serve much of a useful purpose. I had an excellent time though!

6. Minecraft: Not much to report, actually, but I have been on my MC server for bits and pieces of a time to work on some things, like my underground railway...

Anyway, hope this pleases everyone! I promise to try and post more often. Also, I hope you liked the Robert Boyd review! See you later!

Peter, The SteamWorks

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