Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The SteamWorks: Personal Update 2/8/12

Hey Gang,

So as I promised, I'd be updating you today on some interesting things that have been going on in my crazy life.

~ As I said in my last review, I finally brought myself to read The Hunger Games. In fact, at around 5:50 this evening, I finished the sequel, Catching Fire. In the past few days, these books have brought me so much joy. I love them. No. Those aren't the words. I feel more than love for them. I simply cannot get enough. I'm anxious to start the last book, however I can't actually go out and get the book until Friday, and my library currently has all our copies checked out, so I'm forced to wait. I'm not quite sure if I'll review Catching Fire and Mockingjay though, simply because I'd have the same things to say as I did with the first book. I can't give people a background simply because it would spoil the story. Maybe I'll review the series as a whole...

~ As a result of completely dying over The Hunger Games Trilogy, a few friends of mine decided we were going to try to go to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games movie. I'm so excited!

~Video game wise, I haven't been up to much. After I finished Skyward Sword, there was really nothing else for me to play. In fact, the simple idea of SWTOR kinda bores me now, having been away from it so long, which kinda makes me shudder, although I have been playing at Chazz's house on his gaming laptop when I visit his house. I've been trying desperately to get my purple lightsaber, but every time I get a PvP Gear Bag I only receive Centurion Commendations, which are not really of use to me. I was going to attempt to get the PvE version, but that requires raiding. which I cannot do for several reasons other than Jarvis being absent. So for now I just have a pink lightsaber, and the Emperor has crowned me Breast Cancer Awareness Man.

~ I had a really good weekend last week. On Friday, I went to Washington D.C. to visit the Holocaust Museum there, among other things, and I had a great time. On Saturday morning, as you guys know, I went to see Chronicle which was phenomenal, and then hung out at Chazz's until Sunday afternoon playing SWTOR and watching a plethora of movies.

~ I think I'm going to pick up writing again. Not that I ever dropped it. See, when I'm reading, I'm more inspired to write something of my own versus when I'm not. And I'm not talking like blog writing; I'm talking about fictional novel writing. We'll see where that takes me. I'm kinda afraid to because I'm scared I'll subconsciously copy The Hunger Games. Ironically, I tend to write in a setting that's extremely similar to the book I'm into. This also happened when I read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and yes, even Twilight.

~ All I can say is I'm lucky my life is not on that computer Jarvis. The computer is slowly encroaching being gone for a complete month, and I expect it to be out more. When I called more than a week ago, the company said they got the computer and it should be ready to be shipped out by late that week or early this week. Well guess what? I called today, concerned about the status of the computer, and the company said they were still testing it, and they gave me the same expected shipping time as last week. So as I said, its a miracle I don't need it for a job or something. Honestly, I'll be surprised if I see the poor hunk of metal I've managed to destroy again.

~ I also made my class schedule today for my Senior year. It's pretty easy, only two AP courses (A.P. Lit and A.P. Stats), and the rest are really just electives like Business, Computer Graphics, etc. My career doesn't require another Science, so I didn't take one. The same goes for History.

I think that's pretty much all I have to cover. Without my computer, my life's been pretty much reading The Hunger Games, and sadly they too will come to a close before my computer gets back to me. So yeah... Hope you guys actually enjoyed this!

Peter, The SteamWorks

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