Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: 2012 Sounds Actually Kind of Good

I wasn't looking forward to 2012 as a gamer, honestly. It's really hard to come off a year like 2011 was, what with games like Deus Ex, Skyrim, Dark Souls, and huge consumer prey giants like the yearly COD entry, the only release I was really looking forward to was Mass Effect 3. However, after spending three months on the internet, and just actually doing research on the releases in 2012, I'm actually kind of excited.

I'm talking:

1) Assassin's Creed 3Revelations was... a really bad way to follow up the masterpiece of storytelling and gameplay that was Brotherhood, but I have really high hopes for AC3, considering it's been indev for about three years now, setting out to bring the level of innovation to the series that AC2 brought after AC. Set from 1753 to 1783, it will follow Connor (or Ratohnhaketon, if you want to refer to him by his Mohawk name) as he experiences events before and after the Revolutionary war, from childhood to master Assassin (judging by screenshots of him as an adult, he has the hood decal seen on Ezio and older Altair). George Washington will be a close friend to Connor, and so will Benjamin Franklin. But, if you think this will be a generic story about the Templar British trying to take the Assassini Americanos, you're wrong, it plans on playing the Revolution out as a very gray war with Templars on either side, vying for control and to save the world with the conflicted morality of complete order they possess. The events of the game will end in New York, and will coincide with Desmond's location at the end of Revelations. If you want what the community has gathered, take it: . Also, does anyone find it funny that Britain (allegedly) immediately a ban on the game because of how the British are set to be portrayed? It's No Russian all over again. Although I really doubt Ubisoft gives a shit about who they offend, considering for two games out of four the ultimate goal is to assassinate the Pope.

2) The Amnesia sequel. Amnesia is one of the best PC indie releases to date, with a solid story and solid puzzle gameplay, and the sequel promises to live up to the standards the first game set. Looking forward to dying of fright.

3) I had completely forgotten about Darksiders II at the beginning of the year, and was pleased to be reminded of it. The apocalyptic Zelda successor won my heart over the summer (except for that fuckawful portal dungeon, what a terrible idea), and I was looking forward to a sequel. I was glad to remember I was receiving the new adventure starring War's brother Death, and was pleased to hear all about how much bigger and better this game looks, promising to outdo the sequel in every way. Gear changing your appearance, hub cities, three times as many dungeons, it looks great. Looking forward to pouring time into it in the middle of the year when it hits.

Other releases I'm looking forward to but don't have a lot to say about or have already said things about include Guild Wars 2, Hawken, Borderlands 2, Lollipop Chainsaw (don't deny that this looks effing amazing), Grand Theft Auto 5, and maybe a little excited about Resident Evil 6. The trailers make it look unlike all the other great RE games. Yes, 5 was a tad more of a third person shooter than it was a survival-horror game, and I'm all for series evolving into new things, but maybe too much evolution hurts sometimes. But, Dead Space transitioning from the rather slow, dark, and spooky game it was into the action packed, completely over the top, treasure trove of amazingness that Dead Space 2 was (also looking forward to Dead Space 3 in a billion years when it gets released, the white-out concept is extremely terrifying on paper) gives me hope for how RE6 might turn out, but only if they play it right.

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