Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Adventure Quest

        So, I opened up Alex's laptop, and opened up my browser. I was playing a survival roguelike, and I decided it was really poorly done so I stopped playing (apparently, drinking three bottles of water a turn is not enough to keep hydrated). And I started thinking about in browser games I could play, since this old thing can barely run Oblivion. And then it hit me.
        I clicked the address bar, typed in "" and I was ready for takeoff. 
        For starters, it looks like I missed a lot. There are new people in town, new quests, but it still looks like Adventure Quest. I have to add that my character was an X-Guardian, meaning I have access to the primo stuff. But DAMN was I hit with a wave of nostalgia. My character, Sonarto XS, was still blue-skinned so I could be a blue drake when I went dragon form, I still had the little silver blob by my side, and I still hate how slow the combat is. Although, as a child it was totally forgivable.
        Actually, as I looked around, not much had actually changed. The guardian tower was unchanged, that rip in the sky that appeared about five years ago was still there, and I could still go fight the Frogzards in the swamp. Hell, I think they stopped paying attention to this game years ago and went to work on AQWorlds. Which I decided to start playing, in lieu of anything better to do.
        If there's one thing I miss about Adventure Quest, it's Leroy. We all miss you, buddy. See you in the next life. Actually, if I want nostalgia, I might was well open up Runescape again. Or not.

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