Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Best Villains Evar

Well, seeing Chazz's list of the Bestest Villains to evar exist, I decided to make my own list to counter his, and also to show how effing different we are when it comes to these things. Hold on to your trousers.
10- Daedalus
The tortured, twisted creature brought on by Dr. Malikov's experiments became head of the Chimeran hordes after the Angels are defeated in R:FOM. The polar opposite of what Nathan Hale had gained due to Malikov's testing, he represents what Nathan can, and does, become.
9- The Beholder
Not exactly the main antagonist of the game, or a late game boss, but the Beholder in Dark Alliance was what sparked the continuing teamwork between Alex and I when we play vidya together. Although he's a terrible person to play Portal 2 with.
8- Dr. Breen
The first, but not only, doctor on this list is a bastard. He orders kidnappings, works with the Combine to secure the city under the evil Civil Protection service, worked with Gordon at Black Mesa, and provides Half Life 2 with the excellent villain to skyrocket the game into the hall of fame.
7- Dr. Eggman
This dude was the first real villain I had ever encountered, playing Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis (or Megadrive for you foreign readers), and he'll always have a special place in my heart because of it.
6- Origami Killer
This guy... just blew my mind. Heavy Rain was just was visual novel with QTEs(Press X to JASON), but damn if it wasn't fine. And the villain reveal? Blew me away. The villain himself is dastardly beyond his shocking reveal, his actions and motives are truly psychopathic. 
5- Andrew Ryan
I believe in Andrew Ryan's vision, a self sustained utopia for artists and scientists to explore their vision without the stigmas and interference of society, but the ways this man took things too far makes him a bastard rather then a visionary.
4- Saren
Seriously, this guy is awesome. Designated badass, the only cooler Turian is Garrus Vakarian. But what makes him great is that his ultimate motives were to save the galaxy by uniting with their destruction, but he was blinded by indoctrination. His boss fight is pretty damn hard, as well.
3- John Henry Eden
John Henry Eden, president of the Enclave, and current race purity cheerleader of Fallout 3. And voiced by Malcolm McDowell. His forces constantly dog you, his base is impenetrable, and his one and only method to purify the Capital Wasteland is brutal beyond belief. Only the truly wicked need apply to this man, I would destroy this machine even if I was playing an Evil playthrough of FO3.
2- Captain Qwark
Another one of my childhood villains, except Captain Qwark is a thousand times worse than Eggman. The classic example of a fallen hero trying to redeem himself, his situation worsens only by his extreme stupidity and selfish nature. From working for the Blarg to furthering his selfish need for redemption by unleashing the Mutant Proto Pet, he finally gains the acclaim he deserves when, in a heart warming scene, he flies to Ratchet's aid to stop his age old nemesis Dr. Nefarious. 
1- Hugh Darrow
Hugh Darrow. The visionary who developed augmentation technology, who jumpstarted the third scientific revolution with his limb technology, who worked with David Sarif to provide the technology to all, is the man who wants to bring his creations into a crashing spiral of destruction. "The world isn't ready yet," he says, and he appears to be right, although his methods of telling the world this could not be more off. All the twists and turns of Deus Ex: Human Revolutions finally lead us to him, and damn it if it isn't a fantastic way to end the game of the year 2011. Oh, and he's also voiced by Malcolm McDowell.

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