Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Cupcakes

        Wanna know something eight times funnier than this? Send them another chocolate cupcake locked in an iron box with a padlock, and offer to send them the key for ten dollars. When Bioware says "You sent us the cupcake with the others, why not just let us have it?", have some douchebag at IGN accuse them of being entitled babies. And when they break the lock with bolt cutters, accuse them of piracy.
         I actually completely understand the message that's being sent with this. Not only is it a metaphor towards how horrific the ending to Mass Effect 3 is, it also gets across the message that it's time to be civilized about it, and to stop spitting acid at Bioware. We've been blind fanboys about this since the game came out, and although I don't support Bioware changing the ending now matter how bad it is, I think it's right to be passive aggressive and not openly rioting in the streets about it if you support the change.

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