Thursday, March 8, 2012

The SteamWorks: SWTOR Patch 1.2 To be Amazing

Hey Gang,

So I realize it's been a while I've posted. This is because SWTOR, Skyrim, and Tennis have taken over my life. Yes, I said it; I, Peter, am taking up tennis and playing on my school team. The world might end this year. Especially since Chazz has a girlfriend too. But I digress...

Anyway, here's a newletter of my past few weeks before I get to my main topic:

~ SWTOR: Of course this is always my biggest column. My guild ran our first raid a few weeks ago, and it went well. I accidentally bought Phobus the wrong gear though so yeah. Need to fix that. In other news, I finally got my purple lightsaber after three months of trying! YAY! I've been working on my warrior Vulka, and she is now level 33. She's on Taris, and I hate that planet with such a burning passion, it has me too demotivate to play her currently. My friend Beau picked up the game but has yet to actually, play; I'm supposed to be level my Bounty Hunter Tavot with him. But my patience shortly dwindled and I managed to get him to level 16 and off Dromund Kaas. And lastly, I created an Imperial Agent yesterday. I used to hate class for some reason, but after seeing what they can do in PvP, I've realized their actually really cool.

~Skyrim: I decided to get a little motivated and so I logged onto Skyrim and got around 3 hours in, a mere fraction of JD's 200+ hours. I managed to get werewolf powers and I'm an awesome cat-man. I wish I could sound all professional with actual names, but I don't know how to spell the words much less do I know what they are.

~Alan Wake's American Nightmare: I'm really mad at myself for not getting this review up. I've been playing some STD mode (OH MY GOD! Survive Till Dawn = Sexually Transmitted Disease! That's awesome!) and it's amazing.

Ok, now I'd like to talk about patch 1.2 in SWTOR that's coming to us in about a month. Here's an awesome video that BioWare released today:

My reaction: Holy shit...

J.D. really needs to get back into SWTOR...

See ya round!

Peter, The Steam Works


  1. Yeah.... Idunno about the whole "getting back into SWTOR" thing.

  2. ANything can happen. Guess who's back into WoW?

  3. Just in time for (finally) textures NOT from 2004!! Have you seen the Pandaland screenies?


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