Friday, April 27, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 15: SCP Edition

First off, I'd like to comment on the fact that Google has made Blogger hard to use and incredibly user unfriendly. But not as user unfriendly as SCP-173.

If you're not familiar with the SCP Foundation Wiki, I'll give you a short background; it's a fairground for amateur horror writers to write a wiki on an anomalous or extraordinary find from a foundation called the SCP Foundation (Serve, Contain, Protect/Special Containment Procedures), who were inducted to find and contain dangerous or safe anomalies to keep the public safe or in check. These can range from a young woman who sees pictures like security footage, ice that freezes above zero degrees Celsius and melts below it, and an alien reptile capable of adapting to any situation or harm, rendering it indestructible. These SCPs, the name given to them is the action taken against them, are kept in secure containment in remote areas around the globe (with some exceptions, like the Tibetan Rope To Heaven or the Fountain of Youth).

This game is about what happens during a containment breach of some of the deadliest SCPs kept on Foundation premises, specifically Site-19, the focus of the game being SCP-173. 

SCP-173 is "...constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not be broken at any time with SCP-173. Personnel assigned to enter container are instructed to alert one another before blinking. Object is reported to attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation. In the event of an attack, personnel are to observe Class 4 hazardous object containment procedures."

In short, don't blink when around this guy. Which is too bad, seeing as a human being under high-stress situations feels the urge to blink once every few seconds. That may or may not be time enough to get to an area safe from utterly destroyed by The Statue. You actually start out in SCP-173's pen, where you and two other D-Class employees (D-Class translates to "death row lab rat") were assigned to clean his pen. The door malfunctions, the power goes out, and you're stuck in near blackness with a monster that can move extreme speeds when not in direct eye contact. Fucking nighmarish. I've almost pissed myself more times than I can count playing this game.

It's a survival horror game centered around not getting destroyed by SCP-173. You move around randomly generated dark hallways, so each playthrough is different, and due to limited content as of alpha build v0.1.2, the playthroughs differentiating from each other adds a lot to the immersion and feeling of helplessness, you never truly know whether this guy might be lurking around the corner. Seriously, as a guy who's attempted to play through Justine multiple times, I can say that this is top notch survival horror.

However, SCP-173 isn't the only tough guy to escape it's SCP containment. SCP-106, "The Old Man," has also breached its containment, probably due to the power knocking out the floodlights of its enclosure. This guy melts into a pocket dimension when touching a wall or other flat surface, and can appear anywhere the wall or surface extends, be it the opposite side of the wall, the ceiling, or the floor. The only way to get tipped off that Old Man's coming a -knockin' is the corrosion damage he does to the area he phases through. Which is REALLY hard to see in the dark.

Another game made by this developer as an apparent weekend break was SCP-87b, a game revolving around SCP-87, a staircase that descends indefinitely, bringing a lot of psychological scarring along with it. You can descend as far as you want in the game, too, so long as you aren't killed off by a random event that could occur while walking. D-9884 got down two kilometers before she lost her shit, how far will you go?

As I've said, both games have ruffled my feathers on multiple occasions, but I could just be a jumpy dude. You be the judge.

The game:
SCP Foundation Wiki:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shatterblog!: Our Very First Totally Awesome Contest

Ok folks, here's the deal. I have a Steam key for the fun indie RPG Dungeons of Dredmor! Comment on this post with a name (It doesn't have to be your real one, online names are fine) that you want entered into the drawing which I will do. The winner needs only check back on the comments in just over a week (May 1!) and I will have posted their name. They can give me an email address, and I will send the key!
Good luck and...
I did not make this amazing picture.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The SteamWorks: Weekend Update 4/16/12

Hey Gang,

So I have nothing that's really news/media related to talk about. You know what that means?! IT'S TIME FOR A WEEKEND UPDATE!!!

~SWTOR: I've been working really hard at Star Wars recently, specifically at my Bounty Hunter. I managed to jump up 3 levels yesterday, getting from 42 to 45 which was an achievement. He's currently on Voss. I've been so addicted, though, and I'm starting to burn out of Star Wars fuel. I honestly have close to no motiviation to go on now, except for raid night (which I should be in right now, by the way, but I was late from my tennis match and was replaced, which isn't a big deal at all; maybe I'll sleep after this). Anyway, other than that in SWTOR, I've pretty much just been doing some PvP, and I must say, now that I understand Novare Coast, I love it.

~Wizard101: Yes, you've read correctly; Wizard101 is on my list. KingsIsle has a new world on the horizon for their higher level players called Avalon, which is a King Arthur themed world. Of course, I'd be all about this. So, naturally, I'll be having a short reunion with Wizard101, and maybe I'll even review the new patch (I probably would have said something already on here since it's on public test, but I don't have access because I'm busy scrounging up money for crowns).

~Misc: I've been playing tennis lately. A lot. It's consumed my life. Sometimes ... I love playing tennis more than I love playing video games (*GASP!*). I get so into it and so focused that everything else doesn't matter. All that matters is how I hit that next shot, how I hit that next serve, how I call that next play. I have dreams about it. Bottom line, I really enjoy it, and it's something I want to work on for a long time. I'm really upset I didn't play last year. Totally unrelated, but in Latin class we're making "Yo mama..." jokes, and I made a Hunger Games one: Yo momma so fat she has more rolls than Peeta. No? Anyway, on a different note, I made a new friend on Saturday. Well, she's not all new; I've met her before (many times, actually) and we got along and laugh together often. But over the weekend, we were both at a party and we got some time to actually talk ... talk deep, share dreams, and listen to ideas. It's as if I *actually* met her for the first time then. Behind this girl who I once thought was crazy was actually an artist, a scholar, and a real person who I've come to love. I also started to work on my coding last night, and I like it a lot. I got to make a few interesting yet boring programs. Gotta start somewhere, right? Oh, and if you're planning to one day become a  Indie Gaming Developer, I found a REALLY good blog article on good Indie tips by a rad dude named Beau Hindman who writes game reviews on Massively. You can find that here. So yeah...




I was planning to have a lot more to write than just that. Ah well.

See ya,

Peter, The SteamWorks            

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 14

This update is all about Guild Wars, and my hour long foray back into the game.

Since I pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 yesterday, I was rolling around the website when I saw that they were offering a free beta of Guild Wars. I snapped at the opportunity to play my first MMORPG again. Unfortunately, I was having problems with the account I made, and instead of being creative and solving said problems, I took a different approach. I punched in my mom's email address, the same password I've been using for ten years, and my necromancer's name, Luvias Fullmoon. Boom. This was what awaited me:

It felt weird to see this again. I hadn't logged into my Guild Wars account in about four or five years.

That's a damn long time. My life had completely moved on from Guild Wars. I had forgotten all about it up until recently when I, you know, pre-ordered its sequel.

I'm not gonna lie, I may have teared up a little.

But it's not the nostalgia, or the notion that I had completely blocked out a large portion of my life that turned on the waterworks, it was this: 

I had missed Luvias Fullmoon's birthdays. They even gave me fucking presents. Sure, they were just some minipets, and players probably get birthday presents every day, but just that little thing set me off.

I ventured out into the wilds outside of Droknar's Forge, but died. I was a tad rusty.

Not that I was any good at the game in the first place. My chestpiece had the complete wrong inscription for my build.

I decided to make a new character, to see if anything else had changed with the vanilla Prophecies campaign.

Nothing had changed. I was still supposed to kill the skales, take their Glimmering Scales, and hand them off to my basic trainer. That stupid old bull for the Mesmer quest was still there, and he destroyed me. I forgot to take a picture of my sexy Elementalist being destroyed, so build a mental image.

And one final picture, before I end this sob fest (it's a sob fest for me).

Our Guild was never big. We never did any Guild PvP, we never beat down any Kuzrik filth, but we were kinda tight knit. It was family and friends, that sorta thing. Well, I opened up the Guild menu to find this.

Nathan, one of my best friends who moved to Texas, saying goodbye to Guild Wars. That touched me more than it should have, since this is pretty much the last contact I've had with Nathan since he moved to Houston and kinda dropped off the radar, and when I found the last message he wrote me was indirectly, and through Guild Wars, it made me a tad emotional. Not gonna lie, I was actually in tears, some fucking Paupu Fruit tears.

Just thought I'd share that.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The SteamWorks: Patch 1.2 Disappointment

Hey Gang,

So patch 1.2 came out yesterday. After getting home from tennis practice I immeadiately jumped onto SWTOR to check some things out. As I was too lazy to read the patch notes, I was confused when I logged on my Sith Sorcerer to find that my talents had been reset, making me extremely angry because everything was out of place. I spent a few hours doing the new flashpoint Lost Island which is pretty cool, then my guild went to do some PvP. I'm gonna make a list of some of the highlights and lowlights (look, you know I like making lists):

~ I pretty much all the new gear (PvP and PvE) with my PvE gear being the only exception. The robe and pants are *ok*, but the face mask looks awful. Like, really bad. Cant wait to get my War Hero gear though, it looks awesome! And the PvP Warrior gear? Holy shit better than Darth Vader.

~ My group didn't get to run through the whole flashpoint because we came across this one robot boss who was extremely over powered. There's a lot to explain to the fight, but basically there was too much environment effects going on to get some damage on him, and he would put a DoT on the tank that dropped them to 0 in a matter of seconds. I think it's sorta a glitch though, because even in hard mode it was pretty much impossible, so I think he may unintentionally be too challenging. We tried everything from kiting the boss to standing still to only moving periodically and nothing works.

~ I don't fully understand Novare Coast (the new warzone) but I like it. What I mean is, I don't quite get how damage points work based on the controlling of the turret, but it sure is a lot of fun and a beautiful change of scenery. It's just generally fun and a nice addition.

~ I'm not a fan of the PvP modifications they made. In fact, I was happy with the 10 warzone commendations we were getting per medal before the patch. Now we only get 5 per medal, and they extremely nerfed the amount of exp, credits, and valor you recieve, which should totally nothave happened for many reasons (one being that PvP was designed in SWTOR to make it possible to level from 10-50 without questing past your starting world, also because I used to use it as a way of getting money and now I'm just poor). Also, getting medals for practically walking on a warzone is pretty cool and I'm happy I'm getting credit for scoring and assisting the score in Huttball.

~ Speaking of being poor, what the fuck is up with the prices on the Legacy system?! 2 mill credits for an astromech droid on my ship (might have been 1.5 mill, I forget, but even still holy shit)?! I mean, I knew these features would be really expensive, but honestly?! Who even has that type of money? Am I the only one right now that's level 50 and has less than 350,000? Ok, I can understand unlocking a new race would cost huge amounts of money, but I don't have an endless pile of credits to spend on things that would actually benefit me. I just can't afford the updates and I don't have a way of making money. If you know of a good way to make money, shoot me a comment and I'd be happy to try to learn. Right now I do slicing and it seems I lose money when I send my companions out on quests.

~ Kinda small, but I'm pretty hyped about the new operation and can't wait to try it on Monday!

~ So remember how I mentioned earlier that I had to redo my talent tree again? This morning I read the patch notes and I found out the best perks of being a Sorc healer were stripped away. I no longer get free consumptions when I randomly trigger a buff for healing (Consumption brings back mana, or in this case, force). I was furious. I honestly don't know how I'm now going to be able to efficiantly heal in raids, and now I have to go and completely relearn this new form of Corruption Sith Sorcery. Great... thanks BioWare!

~ Super excited about being able to get the dark blue, dark orange, and dark purple crystals through PvP now, but I'm sad that they only give expertise. I wish the cool sabers were actually good for questing.

~ Super excited for my tauntaun pet and my 30 free days of game time for being 50! Woo!

~ I started making my family tree and as it turns out you can't make more than one relationship with your characters, meaning Toon A can't be Toon B's spouse AND Toon C's sibling, which is kinda dumb but honestly you can just pretend it says it. I only have 4 toons actually webbed into my legacy right now because I still have to make the others.

So that's pretty much my opinion of what I've experienced so far in the newest patch. What do you think? Sound off!

Peter, The SteamWorks

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Purchase Averted

     So, with the Dark Souls port to PC, some news came out of it. Bad news to counter the good news, good news being all the new "Prepare to Die" content.

  • You can't change keybindings.
  • Graphics settings cannot be changed, meaning you're stuck with the graphics from the console version.
  • It's a Games for Windows Live title.
  • It's a  Games for Windows Live title.
     Can somebody explain to me why Namco/Bandai thought it would be an okay idea to release one of the best games of last year onto the shitty platform that deleted multiple Fallout 3 saves, plus my Fable 3 save, requires me to have a Microsoft account, complete with Xbox360 achievements, and just SUCK?
     There's a tier list of platforms to have your vidya on. There's Steam, the super awesome platform which is super easy to use and doesn't bother me. Then there's Origin, which is horrible, and the only reason I ever downloaded it was because EA are greedy assholes who want to spy on my hard drive and won't allow me to get Mass Effect 3 through Steam. Then there's GFWL. Yeah, Steam and Origin both have DRM, but GFWL is the goddamned Auschwitz of DRM. I had to log in to my GFWL account after I logged into my Steam account to play Fallout 3 and Fable 3, plus I had to install Windows Live, which is constantly bugging me to log in. And I have to keep it installed in order to play games I want to play (besides Fable 3, shit was a disappointment). Why can't Namco/Bandai put it on Steam? Or let disc copies be integrated with Steam? I was honestly looking forward to this, but my soul was crushed. Thanks, assholes.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Shatterblog!: Pre-Order DLC

So I started reading an article about a 5th DLC class being added to Borderlands 2, and that it would be given with preoder, but available to everyone on the same day, around 2 months after the game's release. I watched the video, got excited, etc.
Then I scrolled down to the comment section.

Why does everyone complain about pre-order DLC? Seriously, it makes sense. Fun fact: if you buy a game used, the developer gets no money from the purchase. GameStop is killing dev's. Now I agree with the used game market for a lot of reasons. Trading in old games finances many new purchases.  Some games aren't worth the premium price. But that isn't the point. The point is that preorder DLC is a way for the developers to reward players who actually give their money to the people who put blood sweat and tears into making the game.
Look at it this way. A game comes out on Jan 1. It costs $60. Preordering gives you a $10 DLC for free, and an exclusive weapon/armor/power. On Jan 1, your $60 goes to the dev and the publisher in normal fashion. Everyone wins. Now say you don't preorder. Instead you wait til March, and can get it used for $35. The developer gets no cut of that. The answer? You pay $10 for OPTIONAL DLC, which goes to the developer. You saved money. The developer got at least a small cut where before they wouldn't have. Your life will not end if you don't get the DLC for free. The developer is right to reward people who actually pay retail for the product they designed. Stop being entitled, and either preorder or shell out the $10 you probably saved anyway buying the damn thing used.
Another argument I saw was that it forces you to impulse buy the game for shiny DLC, not wait and read reviews, watch videos. etc. For one, IGN and usually G4 have reviews up a day or two before the game is released. Sometimes the review goes up the morning of. I don;t know about all stores, but for 48 hours after release, GameStop will hold your preorder. There WILL be professional reviews up and available to you before your preorder gets cancelled. So that arguement is completely invalid.
Preoder DLC is a good system for developers to reward genuine fans who give their money to the people who deserve it. Complaining about it is stupid and entitled, so get over yourself.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 12: Late Sunday Edition

Since I spent all weekend in DC, I didn't have the time to put out an update like I usually do, so have a late one instead. You won't regret it.

1) Did you know people still do the whole "Occupy" thing? There was an Occupy DC campsite outside the hotel where I was staying. My brother took a few pictures because he's bitter and likes to laugh at Occupy and KONY and stuff like that. I'll also post a picture later that I found on Yoko Ono's wishing tree, I can't do it now because it's on my ipod, and I'm working on my computer. But I guarantee it's funny.

2) DARK SOULS PC PORT CONFIRMED. HELL YEAH. NEW BOSSES? CHECK. NEW AREAS? CHECK. ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE "PREPARE TO DIE" EDITION? Oh, consoles are also getting the "prepare to die" update, don't fret. 

3) I was rewatching pretty much all of Adventure Time, which is probably my favorite show on TV at the moment, and I realized my favorite episodes all revolve around Marceline. It Came from the Nightosphere, Go With Me, all very fine episodes of a very fine show. On Adventure Time itself, I hate the first season, I really do. The show definitely came into itself during the second season. It seems to me their target audience had a shift, since they added a lot of trippy imagery and violence in the second season on, definitely starting with Nightosphere. Such a great show. Although the fanbase isn't so great, it's one of the downsides to the show. The fanart, fanfiction, and the ungodly amount of porn that came out of the genderbend episode makes me want to slit my wrists sometimes.

4) I cannot stop spelling "definitely" as "definately". I even spelled it "definately" in my example on how to spell it correctly. Fuck.

5) I really want to play Witcher 2 after the whole 10 gigabyte update was announced, since I loved the game after finishing it at Chazz's, but I can't acquire it since children in household.

6) I almost COMPLETELY forgot this, but

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shatterblog!: Memes These Days

So, I'm in Montana, which is awesome, but leaves me with a lot of down time. The only game I really have on my laptop is Mass Effect 3, and I have to stop playing it because I'm close to the end, and my Galactic Readiness is woefully low. Multiplayer keeps crashing. Anyway, lots of down time. Which lead me to kill time on the internet.

What the fuck happened to memes?

It used to be I could get a good laugh out of a meme for a few solid months. Now it's like they are born and disappear within a day. Seriously. All these randomly popular things. Temple Run was all anyone talked about for like 3 days. Kony 2012 hit headlines and now nobody really even talks about it. Now there's YOLO and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. He isn't even meme worthy. The jokes associated with him are meh. Except for one. And it's only funny cuz Hunger Games
Seriously Internet. Make better, longer lasting memes. You have been warned.

The SteamWorks: Inception Review

Hey Gang,

So I know this movie isn't too recent, but I just saw the movie for the first time today. Here we go:

Ok, so I get the whole dream in a dream thing. And I get the whole kick issue. In fact, I pretty much understood most the movie until about the last hour. Then it became:



*brain explodes*




Peter, The SteamWorks

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: I'm Han Solo


Okay, I actually think this is really funny. I've gotten over the initial anger that the dance segments from Kinect Star Wars and now I find them to be hilarious, Lando has absolute swag on the dance floor. But I completely disapprove of the butchering of YMCA.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Resident Troll: SoureFed, you are my heart.

I live.

So SourceFed is a new channel on YouTube that I absolutely love. You hate the news? Cool, you'll like this anyway. Go subscribe, if I'm not the only person in the world that actually subscribes to YouTube channels and whatnot. I'm gonna admit, I have a girlcrush on Lee Newton.

Today they told me that games are crazy motherfuckers.

So that's a thing, now. Bai.