Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shatterblog!: Memes These Days

So, I'm in Montana, which is awesome, but leaves me with a lot of down time. The only game I really have on my laptop is Mass Effect 3, and I have to stop playing it because I'm close to the end, and my Galactic Readiness is woefully low. Multiplayer keeps crashing. Anyway, lots of down time. Which lead me to kill time on the internet.

What the fuck happened to memes?

It used to be I could get a good laugh out of a meme for a few solid months. Now it's like they are born and disappear within a day. Seriously. All these randomly popular things. Temple Run was all anyone talked about for like 3 days. Kony 2012 hit headlines and now nobody really even talks about it. Now there's YOLO and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. He isn't even meme worthy. The jokes associated with him are meh. Except for one. And it's only funny cuz Hunger Games
Seriously Internet. Make better, longer lasting memes. You have been warned.

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