Monday, April 9, 2012

Shatterblog!: Pre-Order DLC

So I started reading an article about a 5th DLC class being added to Borderlands 2, and that it would be given with preoder, but available to everyone on the same day, around 2 months after the game's release. I watched the video, got excited, etc.
Then I scrolled down to the comment section.

Why does everyone complain about pre-order DLC? Seriously, it makes sense. Fun fact: if you buy a game used, the developer gets no money from the purchase. GameStop is killing dev's. Now I agree with the used game market for a lot of reasons. Trading in old games finances many new purchases.  Some games aren't worth the premium price. But that isn't the point. The point is that preorder DLC is a way for the developers to reward players who actually give their money to the people who put blood sweat and tears into making the game.
Look at it this way. A game comes out on Jan 1. It costs $60. Preordering gives you a $10 DLC for free, and an exclusive weapon/armor/power. On Jan 1, your $60 goes to the dev and the publisher in normal fashion. Everyone wins. Now say you don't preorder. Instead you wait til March, and can get it used for $35. The developer gets no cut of that. The answer? You pay $10 for OPTIONAL DLC, which goes to the developer. You saved money. The developer got at least a small cut where before they wouldn't have. Your life will not end if you don't get the DLC for free. The developer is right to reward people who actually pay retail for the product they designed. Stop being entitled, and either preorder or shell out the $10 you probably saved anyway buying the damn thing used.
Another argument I saw was that it forces you to impulse buy the game for shiny DLC, not wait and read reviews, watch videos. etc. For one, IGN and usually G4 have reviews up a day or two before the game is released. Sometimes the review goes up the morning of. I don;t know about all stores, but for 48 hours after release, GameStop will hold your preorder. There WILL be professional reviews up and available to you before your preorder gets cancelled. So that arguement is completely invalid.
Preoder DLC is a good system for developers to reward genuine fans who give their money to the people who deserve it. Complaining about it is stupid and entitled, so get over yourself.

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  1. I agree with this. Preordered GW2 today and got a little in-game bonus. Happy, but not willing to drop $34.99 on a Charr plushie.


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