Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Purchase Averted

     So, with the Dark Souls port to PC, some news came out of it. Bad news to counter the good news, good news being all the new "Prepare to Die" content.

  • You can't change keybindings.
  • Graphics settings cannot be changed, meaning you're stuck with the graphics from the console version.
  • It's a Games for Windows Live title.
  • It's a  Games for Windows Live title.
     Can somebody explain to me why Namco/Bandai thought it would be an okay idea to release one of the best games of last year onto the shitty platform that deleted multiple Fallout 3 saves, plus my Fable 3 save, requires me to have a Microsoft account, complete with Xbox360 achievements, and just SUCK?
     There's a tier list of platforms to have your vidya on. There's Steam, the super awesome platform which is super easy to use and doesn't bother me. Then there's Origin, which is horrible, and the only reason I ever downloaded it was because EA are greedy assholes who want to spy on my hard drive and won't allow me to get Mass Effect 3 through Steam. Then there's GFWL. Yeah, Steam and Origin both have DRM, but GFWL is the goddamned Auschwitz of DRM. I had to log in to my GFWL account after I logged into my Steam account to play Fallout 3 and Fable 3, plus I had to install Windows Live, which is constantly bugging me to log in. And I have to keep it installed in order to play games I want to play (besides Fable 3, shit was a disappointment). Why can't Namco/Bandai put it on Steam? Or let disc copies be integrated with Steam? I was honestly looking forward to this, but my soul was crushed. Thanks, assholes.

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