Saturday, April 14, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: Weekend Update 14

This update is all about Guild Wars, and my hour long foray back into the game.

Since I pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 yesterday, I was rolling around the website when I saw that they were offering a free beta of Guild Wars. I snapped at the opportunity to play my first MMORPG again. Unfortunately, I was having problems with the account I made, and instead of being creative and solving said problems, I took a different approach. I punched in my mom's email address, the same password I've been using for ten years, and my necromancer's name, Luvias Fullmoon. Boom. This was what awaited me:

It felt weird to see this again. I hadn't logged into my Guild Wars account in about four or five years.

That's a damn long time. My life had completely moved on from Guild Wars. I had forgotten all about it up until recently when I, you know, pre-ordered its sequel.

I'm not gonna lie, I may have teared up a little.

But it's not the nostalgia, or the notion that I had completely blocked out a large portion of my life that turned on the waterworks, it was this: 

I had missed Luvias Fullmoon's birthdays. They even gave me fucking presents. Sure, they were just some minipets, and players probably get birthday presents every day, but just that little thing set me off.

I ventured out into the wilds outside of Droknar's Forge, but died. I was a tad rusty.

Not that I was any good at the game in the first place. My chestpiece had the complete wrong inscription for my build.

I decided to make a new character, to see if anything else had changed with the vanilla Prophecies campaign.

Nothing had changed. I was still supposed to kill the skales, take their Glimmering Scales, and hand them off to my basic trainer. That stupid old bull for the Mesmer quest was still there, and he destroyed me. I forgot to take a picture of my sexy Elementalist being destroyed, so build a mental image.

And one final picture, before I end this sob fest (it's a sob fest for me).

Our Guild was never big. We never did any Guild PvP, we never beat down any Kuzrik filth, but we were kinda tight knit. It was family and friends, that sorta thing. Well, I opened up the Guild menu to find this.

Nathan, one of my best friends who moved to Texas, saying goodbye to Guild Wars. That touched me more than it should have, since this is pretty much the last contact I've had with Nathan since he moved to Houston and kinda dropped off the radar, and when I found the last message he wrote me was indirectly, and through Guild Wars, it made me a tad emotional. Not gonna lie, I was actually in tears, some fucking Paupu Fruit tears.

Just thought I'd share that.

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