Friday, April 13, 2012

The SteamWorks: Patch 1.2 Disappointment

Hey Gang,

So patch 1.2 came out yesterday. After getting home from tennis practice I immeadiately jumped onto SWTOR to check some things out. As I was too lazy to read the patch notes, I was confused when I logged on my Sith Sorcerer to find that my talents had been reset, making me extremely angry because everything was out of place. I spent a few hours doing the new flashpoint Lost Island which is pretty cool, then my guild went to do some PvP. I'm gonna make a list of some of the highlights and lowlights (look, you know I like making lists):

~ I pretty much all the new gear (PvP and PvE) with my PvE gear being the only exception. The robe and pants are *ok*, but the face mask looks awful. Like, really bad. Cant wait to get my War Hero gear though, it looks awesome! And the PvP Warrior gear? Holy shit better than Darth Vader.

~ My group didn't get to run through the whole flashpoint because we came across this one robot boss who was extremely over powered. There's a lot to explain to the fight, but basically there was too much environment effects going on to get some damage on him, and he would put a DoT on the tank that dropped them to 0 in a matter of seconds. I think it's sorta a glitch though, because even in hard mode it was pretty much impossible, so I think he may unintentionally be too challenging. We tried everything from kiting the boss to standing still to only moving periodically and nothing works.

~ I don't fully understand Novare Coast (the new warzone) but I like it. What I mean is, I don't quite get how damage points work based on the controlling of the turret, but it sure is a lot of fun and a beautiful change of scenery. It's just generally fun and a nice addition.

~ I'm not a fan of the PvP modifications they made. In fact, I was happy with the 10 warzone commendations we were getting per medal before the patch. Now we only get 5 per medal, and they extremely nerfed the amount of exp, credits, and valor you recieve, which should totally nothave happened for many reasons (one being that PvP was designed in SWTOR to make it possible to level from 10-50 without questing past your starting world, also because I used to use it as a way of getting money and now I'm just poor). Also, getting medals for practically walking on a warzone is pretty cool and I'm happy I'm getting credit for scoring and assisting the score in Huttball.

~ Speaking of being poor, what the fuck is up with the prices on the Legacy system?! 2 mill credits for an astromech droid on my ship (might have been 1.5 mill, I forget, but even still holy shit)?! I mean, I knew these features would be really expensive, but honestly?! Who even has that type of money? Am I the only one right now that's level 50 and has less than 350,000? Ok, I can understand unlocking a new race would cost huge amounts of money, but I don't have an endless pile of credits to spend on things that would actually benefit me. I just can't afford the updates and I don't have a way of making money. If you know of a good way to make money, shoot me a comment and I'd be happy to try to learn. Right now I do slicing and it seems I lose money when I send my companions out on quests.

~ Kinda small, but I'm pretty hyped about the new operation and can't wait to try it on Monday!

~ So remember how I mentioned earlier that I had to redo my talent tree again? This morning I read the patch notes and I found out the best perks of being a Sorc healer were stripped away. I no longer get free consumptions when I randomly trigger a buff for healing (Consumption brings back mana, or in this case, force). I was furious. I honestly don't know how I'm now going to be able to efficiantly heal in raids, and now I have to go and completely relearn this new form of Corruption Sith Sorcery. Great... thanks BioWare!

~ Super excited about being able to get the dark blue, dark orange, and dark purple crystals through PvP now, but I'm sad that they only give expertise. I wish the cool sabers were actually good for questing.

~ Super excited for my tauntaun pet and my 30 free days of game time for being 50! Woo!

~ I started making my family tree and as it turns out you can't make more than one relationship with your characters, meaning Toon A can't be Toon B's spouse AND Toon C's sibling, which is kinda dumb but honestly you can just pretend it says it. I only have 4 toons actually webbed into my legacy right now because I still have to make the others.

So that's pretty much my opinion of what I've experienced so far in the newest patch. What do you think? Sound off!

Peter, The SteamWorks


  1. They only nerfed PvP rewards if you lose. I played a couple more rounds after you left, got 8k on a win.

  2. They gave me a free week because I deactivated my account. If I get to level 50 in a week, will I get a free month?


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