Monday, April 16, 2012

The SteamWorks: Weekend Update 4/16/12

Hey Gang,

So I have nothing that's really news/media related to talk about. You know what that means?! IT'S TIME FOR A WEEKEND UPDATE!!!

~SWTOR: I've been working really hard at Star Wars recently, specifically at my Bounty Hunter. I managed to jump up 3 levels yesterday, getting from 42 to 45 which was an achievement. He's currently on Voss. I've been so addicted, though, and I'm starting to burn out of Star Wars fuel. I honestly have close to no motiviation to go on now, except for raid night (which I should be in right now, by the way, but I was late from my tennis match and was replaced, which isn't a big deal at all; maybe I'll sleep after this). Anyway, other than that in SWTOR, I've pretty much just been doing some PvP, and I must say, now that I understand Novare Coast, I love it.

~Wizard101: Yes, you've read correctly; Wizard101 is on my list. KingsIsle has a new world on the horizon for their higher level players called Avalon, which is a King Arthur themed world. Of course, I'd be all about this. So, naturally, I'll be having a short reunion with Wizard101, and maybe I'll even review the new patch (I probably would have said something already on here since it's on public test, but I don't have access because I'm busy scrounging up money for crowns).

~Misc: I've been playing tennis lately. A lot. It's consumed my life. Sometimes ... I love playing tennis more than I love playing video games (*GASP!*). I get so into it and so focused that everything else doesn't matter. All that matters is how I hit that next shot, how I hit that next serve, how I call that next play. I have dreams about it. Bottom line, I really enjoy it, and it's something I want to work on for a long time. I'm really upset I didn't play last year. Totally unrelated, but in Latin class we're making "Yo mama..." jokes, and I made a Hunger Games one: Yo momma so fat she has more rolls than Peeta. No? Anyway, on a different note, I made a new friend on Saturday. Well, she's not all new; I've met her before (many times, actually) and we got along and laugh together often. But over the weekend, we were both at a party and we got some time to actually talk ... talk deep, share dreams, and listen to ideas. It's as if I *actually* met her for the first time then. Behind this girl who I once thought was crazy was actually an artist, a scholar, and a real person who I've come to love. I also started to work on my coding last night, and I like it a lot. I got to make a few interesting yet boring programs. Gotta start somewhere, right? Oh, and if you're planning to one day become a  Indie Gaming Developer, I found a REALLY good blog article on good Indie tips by a rad dude named Beau Hindman who writes game reviews on Massively. You can find that here. So yeah...




I was planning to have a lot more to write than just that. Ah well.

See ya,

Peter, The SteamWorks            


  1. Gabby says she needs a phone call about this girl.

  2. @Gabby She's not a love interest. You don't have a phone? I've been trying to text you about prom. I need you to shoot me an email. Also, the address changed, I'm moving.


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