Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Update 16

1) To start off the update, happy Star Wars Day! Cruising around Cloud City never felt so right, ooohhhh~~

2) The Binding of Isaac, my favorite Indie game from 2011, is getting DLC at the end of May known as Wrath of the Lamb, boasting "50% more content!" Since Binding of Isaac is so damn good, I'm expecting nothing less from the DLC. Also, in lesser news, Skyrim's DLC was announced on Morrowind's tenth birthday. It's called Dawnguard, and normally I'd be super hyped, but Xbox360 players get it a month early. They say it's to compensate for the fact that they've traditionally released DLC first on Xbox360, and that they've put so much effort into mod support for PC, so I can kinda understand where they're coming from. But since I've kinda stopped playing Skyrim, more excited about Wrath of the Lamb.

3) Tera launched the other day. I had the beta installed, so I never got around to playing it, and I guess I never will unless it goes Free to Play.

4) The Elder Scrolls Online is Game Informer's June cover story. Looks alright, although a lot of folks are saying it's going to fail as bad as SWTOR failed, and that these two successive financially terrible games will cause another video games crash, but I doubt it. Too many huge MMOs are getting released nowadays, remember when it was only WoW, Everquest 2, and Guild Wars to choose from? Now there's SWTOR, Guild Wars 2 (the obvious superior choice), Elder Scrolls Online, still WoW, Tera, and who knows what other huge MMOs are going to be announced. 
        I think the problem with MMOs nowadays that choose to be pay-to-play is that they gear up to be the new WoW killer. And by MMOs nowadays, I'm talking about the financial blunder of 2011 known as SWTOR. Bioware and EA had hyped it up to truly be the new WoW killer MMO, when it really didn't do anything to WoW at all. People stayed true to their game. There's still 10 million people playing WoW. They just aimed too high, and spent a lot more then they should have. Look at Guild Wars 2. Yes, fully voice acted, but is that one of the points they're selling their game to you with? Did they spend millions  of dollars on their VOICE ACTING?..... for an online game? Guild Wars 2, just from playing the beta, does so many things better than SWTOR for a fraction of the money EA paid. The voice acting isn't shitty, the gameplay isn't stale, the game looks better, it's just.... better. It's like how M. Night spent millions of dollars on the animation for the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, but it ended up looking shitty, while freelance YouTube filmmakers are doing better animations for thirty bucks plus tip. 
        Excuse my fanboyism.

5) The Sonic the Hedgehog ports for iOS are FUCKING AMAZIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I go fast on the bus daily. My time for the first area of Sonic CD is at 2:31.21 seconds, and all the games play really smooth and well. Fucking amazing job on the ports, Sega. Jawesome.

Look at that, a shorty.

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