Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resident Troll: The Fault in Our Stars Review

To some it's a surprise that I have the ability to emote, but I just got finished crying over the last fifty or so pages of The Fault in Our Stars. My first words on the matter? I wish I'd read the book sooner, especially with the knowledge that John Green was signing about 150k pre-orders. To be quite honest, I bought the book because I follow the Vlogbrothers. (I really have a thing for Youtube channels, okay? Don't judge.) I also heard fantastic things about it. I may consider writing a review on Looking for Alaska, but I'll be honest. I think TFiOS is superior to Green's first published work.

So, onto the actual review.

The Fault in Our Stars is, at it's core, about two kids who have cancer. It's narrated by Hazel Lancaster, dealing with thyroid cancer. She doesn't have a very optimistic view on life, realizing that it's very, very temporary. Her mother makes her go to a cancer support group because she fears her daughter is suffering from depression, which Hazel says is a side effect of dying. Most of the time she rolls her eyes as the testicle-less leader of the group, and the various ways of recounting fights towards remission or cure.

She meets Augustus Waters, who will go on to be 'the great love of her life', but anyone who's smart enough to pick up the book could figure that out from his first appearance. Don't yell at me about spoilers. He invites her over and their friendship begins from there. He's an amputee (thanks, cancer) and is seemingly healthy for the majority of the book. The ending is bittersweet.

Hazel's voice is very strong, which you have to admire. She's an interesting character--not completely strong, not completely weak. Augustus is ridiculously honest, not once hiding his intentions throughout the novel. I really do believe this is Green's best work that I've read, and I'm shelving it among my favorite books. I love it so much, but words are kind of lost on me about why and how. TFiOS just is. It exists, and it might hurt you, but in the end you smile. I give it a 9/10.

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