Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shatterblog!: Smithsonian Institute's "The Art of Video Games" Exhibit

Hey folks, as you may know from my recent post, I visited the Smithsonian Institutes The Art of Video Games limited time exhibit. It was truly amazing and inspiring, and I tremendously enjoyed it.

The exhibit selected 4 games from each system of each "era", and displayed them with the option to watch videos of each game on the system's display.

You can check out a list of all the selected games here, and see if your favorite made it. It's hard to argue with a lot of their selections.

I've added all the pictures to a Photobucket account for your convenience.
You can find my photos here.
All the videos are posted here.

Sorry this post isn't terribly visually exciting, but I assure you the content is very interesting.

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