Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shatterblog! and Slightly Redder Red Super Crossover Edition!- Teen Titans Fanfic Dramatic Reading

So JD from Slightly Redder Red is currently staying here in the dungeon basement here at Shatterblog! and after 4 seasons of Teen Titans and an immeasurable number of Dark Knight Mountain Dews, we got the idea to have him do a dramatic reading of a fan fiction. We settled on Thump, by Hero07. It features Raven and Beast Boy. For our sensitive readers (listeners?) fear not! It is in no way inappropriate, definitely rated G. For those of you who want ot check out the original posting, check it out here. We do not own the story, we merely enjoyed reading it, and we certainly don't own Teen Titans. We sincerely hope you enjoy JD's performance.

"Thump", by Hero07

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