Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shatterblog!: Piggybacking on Pete's Post...

I would guess many of you have read Pete's most recent post, and I would like to just add a couple of things here.
As you may have seen in the comments section of my last post, JD and I disagree about the OUYA. So, if that's something you want debated out, comment and stuff. 
Secondly, Pete's review of Dear Esther contains a MAJOR SPOILER OF THE ENDING OF THE GAME! Read that shit at your own risk. While the ending is not particularly hard to see coming, if you want to truly experience Dear Esther you should NOT read his review. Read my spoiler free one here, or just go into it blind. It's a wonderful game.


***Update: Fixed; Thanks Chazz! -Pete***

Thanks for your time folks. 

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