Friday, July 20, 2012

The SteamWorks: The Dark Knight Rises Review

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So last night, JD, Chazz, and I all attended the Dark Knight Trilogy Premier, where the theater played all three Batman movies.We had a great time and ran into some ... more than interesting people. While I'm sure Chazz will hop on this review eventually since all things Batman are him, I wanted to get a review out on the internet while my memory is fresh and the news is still hot (Chazz is attending the Firefly Music Festival this weekend, so I'm not sure when the next time he can post is). So, here's a Dark Knight Rises review by the Steamworks:

One of the first things I like about this movie is that it picks up exactly where it left off; with Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) giving a speech about the death of Two Face, or Harvey Dent. After a whole movie, the Wayne Mansion is finally rebuilt. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has retired from Batman due to a peaceful lull of crime that's lasted almost a decade, and Mr. Wayne has become a recluse. We're also introduced to the main villain of the movie, Bane (Tom Hardey), and the half-good, half-evil ally of Batman, Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). We're also introduced to a Robin-esque character John Blake (Joesph Gordon-Levitt). Also, in case you couldn't figure it out, the movie is based off of the Knightfall Batman comics. (Oh, and just another fun fact about the film, Anne Hathaway's stunt double crashed into one of the only IMAX cameras in the world and totaled it. Ten points!)

Coming from a average Batman fan (meaning Batman is not my favorite super hero, but I still think he's pretty cool), the movie was utterly fantastic. I was half asleep for most of the beginning of the movie because I was tired, but even still I was able to understand what was going on. Although other critics claim it's a hard story to follow, I disagree; at least, if you've recently seen the past two movies, you'd easily get what's going on. The actors were great. When I first went in, I wasn't so sure how good of a Catwoman Anne Hathaway could be. By the end of the movie, I was completely sold. Christian Bale did a great job acting old and scarred. Gary Oldman also did a great job as Gordon, per usual. I like the fact that while Bane was extremely muscular, it didn't make him an idiot.

In my opinion, the overall story was great. I thought Batman went out with a bang, and I thought it was better than The Dark Knight. I don't really have any complaints other than small little things that I can't really share because they're spoilers, and I'm trying to keep this review spoil free, which is actually very difficult. Final verdict: Acting was great, costumes were original and interesting, story was phenomenal, and (obviously) visual effects were fantastic. Be sure to check out Chazz's review if you want a more in-depth review, as I'm sure he'll want to talk about it thoroughly.


Peter, The Steamworks

***On an added note, my best wishes go out to the families of those who were effected by the terrorist shooting at the premier of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado. I hope for a speedy recovery for those injured and may those that died rest in peace.***


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