Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Resident Troll: Gabby's To Read List

I feel like a slacker when it comes to nerding out lately. I haven't read regularly in about a year, I don't game as frequently as I used to--It's very, very depressing. In an effort to go back to a former state of being, I'm going to start a to-read list and share it with you lot.  It's kind of ridiculous, owning a bunch of books you have yet to read, and then going out to buy more, but it's an issue I have. Am I ever going to change? Proooobably not.

THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM ONE: I promised a review on this way back when, but I haven't even finished it yet. It's a beast (it weighs more than my dog) at about a thousand pages, but I'm going to put time aside for it now.

So far, it's good though. After The Walking Dead season two ended, the next day I woke up and just started reading. Honestly, I committed about an entire day to that book. Needless to say, as a homeschooled individual, no work got done. I got flashbacks to 2007, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out... (read that in twenty-one hours, bruh. But I did sleep.)

I'm about 75% through, but it's time to get to the one hundred mark.

AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES: I really, really love John Green. I followed the Vlogbrothers, where I first heard of him, and they're really intelligent people you should subscribe to on Youtube. You'll feel smarter, and you'll laugh a bit too. I wrote a review for The Fault in Our Stars (an evil book that made me, emotionless me, cry) about a month ago, and I've recommended it everywhere. An Abundance of Katherines is another one of his books, and it's just received a new cover. I bought it while in New York with the intention of reading it on the subway (my commute to the city took about an hour), but in the end I never got around to it, due to the fact that I lost the book. Thankfully a fellow classmate picked it up and gave it back to me. (Look! Niceness in New York! It's weird, I know.)

It's also really hard to read standing up on the subway (must hold railing, try not to fall over, pay attention to the stops that bring new people and the ones where everyone files out), and the E around five o'clock is almost impossible to find a seat on.

Other things on my to-read list, that I know less about at the moment:

WATCHMEN: I've gotten literally five pages through this. Didn't buy it because I saw the movie (which wasn't that great to me) but because I heard it was the greatest thing ever. And, well, I like to know about the greatest things ever.

BATMAN: EARTH ONE: I have a bad experience with a man who loves Batman, but I can't hold it against the Caped Crusader. I love the idea of Bruce Wayne's path to becoming Batman, and really look forward to purchasing it in the future.

ASTONISHING X-MEN: EMMA FROST, HIGHER LEARNING: I love less-than-typical female characters, and it would be really easy for someone like Emma Frost (pretty, CAN READ YOUR MIND, and evil) to become a Sue. The cover's whole Nancy Drew vibe will bother me to no end, but I'm still going to read it.

SHE-HULK, VOL 1: SINGLE GREEN FEMALE: I've really gotten into Suits lately, which is a law drama. Apparently so is She-Hulk, so why the hell not. I also saw this, which was even more of an incentive to learn more about her. It's weird, I know, but interesting!

So... there you have it. My glorified to-read and wish list. Troll out~.


  1. Dude let me borrow your Walking Dead book once you're done with it. I got up to like Issue #30 but then the site I was using to read them got torn down and honestly if I could borrow the book from a friend its much better than forking out all the extra $$$$ I dont have. Soooo yeah ..... first borrowing dibs.

  2. You know Batman: Earth One isn't Batman's ACTUAL origin story right? The Earth One series, which began with Superman, takes the well-known origins of favorite DC superheroes and completely re imagines them. From what I've heard, for example, in Earth One, Jim Gordon is a very different character than in Year One, Batman's true origin story.

    1. No, I know. I just like the idea of it.


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