Thursday, August 9, 2012

Resident Troll: Young Justice

After I began watching Korra, and it ended, I started going through cartoon withdraw. So, I started rewatching The Last Airbender, which made me feel better. But... a week later that was done. I was in New York for the majority of July, so I was occupied, but then I came back and got into Young Justice.

Young Justice is about The Team, composed of sidekicks and super-relatives. They go on missions, deal with personal problems, etc. Some may compare Young Justice to Teen Titans for obvious reasons, (Robin is in both, it's a teen version of the Justice League) but I feel that Young Justice is on a different level. It doesn't have the same campy, for-the-lols feel that Teen Titans sometimes had. Young Justice isn't afraid to get a little more serious, a little more interesting.

So, I like it, basically.

There are some things that do annoy me. I'm not a fan of Robin in the first season, but I'm much more keen when he makes the transition to Nightwing. There is also the focus on certain characters (Megan and Superboy, in particular), when others are forgotten. I do like, however, that the series doesn't seem to have any boundaries. It doesn't mind pulling in members of the Justice League every now and then, giving you more than just the main characters. It builds a world and characters with dynamic storylines.

Between seasons one and two, there's a five year gap, which has hurt and helped the series. Part of what bothers me is the inclusion of two characters (Zatana and Rocket) right at the end, and then just launching them into the Justice League for season two. It makes them seem irrelevant, when they could have brought more use to the show.

Overall, it's a good animated show, and I think you should watch it. I give it a 7.5/10, because all good things have flaws.

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