Monday, August 13, 2012

Shatterblog!: Project Better Dolphin Update

Alright loyal readers, going to do a quick update about the blog in general!
First, lets get a warm welcome for our newest member, Eric! He can be found under the tag Red Viking, and he will begin active posting duty very soon. He made the brand new banners on the About pages for himself, the Steamworks, and Shatterblog! A Slightly Redder Red banner will begin development shortly. While much of the footage we shot has not seen the light of day, Eric has been our 4th gamer for coop titles such as Left4Dead2 and Borderlands.
Which brings me to my next point. Last night we completed the main campaign of Borderlands! We played with JD as Juliet the Siren, Eric as Truckasaurus the Soldier, Peter as Axton the Hunter, and myself, Chazz, as Meatfist the Berzerker! We will be completing all DLC soon, but I wanted you all to share in our glorious victory! Enjoy this celebratory GIF I just made.

As for an update on my goals, I plan to have a RaiderZ Beta Impression post up soon, as well as reviews of Kingdom Hearts 3DS, and hopefully a review of Darksiders II. If I get really motivated I will put together gameplay videos of at least one of those games.
Our views continue to be in the 50-100 range daily, thanks for reading folks!

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  1. That GIF is LITRILLY the best gif I have ever seen. Chazz you beautiful tropical fish...


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