Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shatterblog!: RaiderZ Beta Impressions

I recently got into the beta for PerfectWorld's newest MMO, RaiderZ. Today I'll talk about what I think so far. 
Help! I wandered out of Final Fantasy VII and I can't get back
Right off the bat, the game looks great. With an impressive art style (although one that admittedly doesn't vary much from other PW or Japanese games) it's graphically fantastic, especially for the beta of a F2P MMO. The world I've explored so far is large and fairly detailed. The monsters look pretty awesome.
Combat is in the vein of recent action MMO's like TERA, Vindictus, and Guild Wars 2, but with a bit less depth. Left click is swing, right is block, you get some skills bound to 1-9. Unlike Vindictus, there is no combo system. Attacks chain in 3's with little to no variation. Different weapons have slightly different swing patterns, but a greatsword and greathammer feel almost the same when being used. Many of the skills feel difficult to connect with at times, but are generally well designed and really satisfying when they do land properly. The dodge system is fine, although it can be difficult to roll under larger enemies, a feat that is very easy in Vindictus and Darksiders II, which have similar dodging systems. Combat is pretty fun, but completely unchallenging, at least at low levels. I've leveled up to 7, pulled huge groups of monsters, and have literally never even worried about dying. Dodging is too easy, even when surrounded by enemies.
Quests are nothing special, with killing and fetch quests abound. There were bits and pieces of story, but it just felt like WoW style quests. I didn't read any quest text, unlike SWTOR in which each quest is an adventure for me. There were a couple quests I've done so far where I had to fight giant monsters and employ both help and a little strategy, but I'm not really feeling the "tactical MMO" vibe they're going for.
The game isn't ridiculously innovative, but the important thing is its FUN. I really enjoy RaiderZ. Its easier to pick out its specific failings, but overall the game is just really good. It's going to be completely free, and I haven't noticed any kind of pay to win system in place. It seems like you can buy special currency to buy pieces of gear that go into Costume slots, affecting you only cosmetically. It might be my favorite F2P MMO I've experienced. Vindictus has slightly better combat, but the limited number of Coins that you need to go do quests (this may have changed since I played) made it feel like they wanted to withhold content from non-paying players. RaiderZ is much better in terms of not feeling like a blatant attempt to screw over customers.
When this game comes out, I can't say I'll play it much, as Guild Wars 2 will be scratching my Action MMO itch. However, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try out a genuinely fun F2P experience.
Plus check out my character's awesome dance.


  1. *Insert rant about Everquest Quests were original destroy/fetch quests instead of WoW like everyone thinks here*

  2. EQ made them but WoW did them to death. I didn't say WoW was the original MMO at all. Its just very well known for its fetch-heavy quest structure, whereas EQ had a bit more variety in places.


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