Friday, August 10, 2012

Shatterblog!: You the Viewers

Rather than do a normal post, I'm going to once again attempt to get reader participation out of you people. The last couple days we've had a significant spike in our daily viewcount, which means somebody must be reading this. I have some ideas to get all of you more involved, but to do that I'll need input from you. Respond in the comment section below please, or email any of us! 
Firstly, our very first podcast is up, largely thanks to Peter of SteamWorks's hard work. In it we talk about all kinds of news, personal updates, game releases, etc. It'd be great if you all gave us suggestions to fill what we hope will be a bi weekly installment.
Many of you saw JD's fantastic post having RPG heroes fight it out. He has expressed interest in doing more of those, and I think if you suggested some characters you might see him add them into the mix. 
Peter suggested to me that we do a segment each week featuring our favorite wallpapers, which sounds interesting (but exhausting, i have almost 3000 wallpapers on shuffle). Is anyone interested?
What about featuring Indie Games each week/biweekly? 
What kind of new features do you want added to the blog? What don't we have that you want? Please let us know what we're doing well, badly, or not doing at all!
Finally, I'd like to start running some contests. I have some goodies to give out, but due to the lack of interest in our last comment from everyone but JD, I'm wary of trying that again. However, if you're all interested and vocalize that in comments, I think we can get a little something running. 
Thanks everyone for viewing so much recently! If you could do all of us here at PBD a huge favor and click on the blog post to read it, it would make our stats tracking much easier. We're getting  around 100 pageviews a day with only 3-5 views on any actual articles. 
See you all starside.

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