Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Red Viking: background update #3

Hay guys, today's update is another themed one. This time its all about Watchmen! I'll give you a little history as to why this happened. Our fellow blogger shatter wanted me to make several comic covers into  wallpapers. I was able to do two then we turned to an image-mod thread for some harder ones that had actual drawing involved because some parts were cut-off (You will see what I mean). Anyway, here we go!!!

Up first is Rorschach.

Now Nite Owl (Yes that is spelled correctly).

Doctor Manhattan is next.

 Third is Hooded Justice

Ozymandias at #4

Silk Spectre

Last but not least The Comedian

A special thank-you to those anonymous people who helped us with these wallpapers. Hope to see you soon but until then checkout the rest of the blog's pages and our second podcast (My first time doing one) on iTunes.

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