Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Red Viking: Top 5 Wallpapers

So since I am new here and you still don't know much about me I decided to do a post that would let you take a peek into my mind. ITS A WALLPAPER POST!!!!!. Some of us on the blog were talking about doing this but everyone involved has like fifty-million backgrounds and didn't feel like going through all of them and I only had like 10 so I decided to take on this duty and find some new ones. So this is what i found in no specific order:

This one is a reference do the "blackest night" trade. Personally i like the antique look it has with the stained background and the characters having the same texture.

This one is Deadpool..... I think I have said enough. But I'll say more. I love the simplicity of this and that it is just his face design but yet it looks so good because of that.

This is from the Dark Knight and almost everything that has to do with the Dark Knight is amazing. This one however stuck out from the rest. I think it's because they drew so much attention to the joker and if that wasn't enough they didn't just blur everything besides the joker they also made him a life-like painting (of-course it was digitally done though)

I have always found Japanese culture interesting and saw this background right after watching some Anime, so I was really in that sort of mood.

While on an image editing thread i asked for someone to touch up a picture that I made in paint (like the one on my bio page) and add a effect to the background and this is what the end results were. I am very in love with this picture, its kind of like my baby

And that concludes our wallpaper post.....for now. (I don't know how often I'll be doing these)

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