Sunday, September 30, 2012

Resident Troll: Beware the Internet 3

So I was on reddit and... holy fucking shit, guys. Nintendo's NES Australian commercial? I'm going to have fucking nightmares. Even more than playing Slender gave me. (And yes, we did start on another 'Gabby plays', but we have to re-film it. Can't promise when that will happen.)

Just... watch this and die a little.

I don't know who said this was okay. I don't know who thought this was okay. It just... agh.

The Steamworks: Holy Walking Dead Batman!

Hey Gang,


I know, it's been a while since I said anything here. I feel like my presence has all but vanished on PBD, and that makes my soul feel sad. Thankfully (and sadly), I've been getting less hours at work, so I should have more time to post on the blog. I'm going to spend the length of this post updating you on what's been happening since I've taken my hiatus, and hopefully sometime this week I'll be posting a review; probably of Episode 3 Season 5 of Parks and Recreation. Anyway, I'm going to get started with my updates (I'll be doing this a lot like JD's post):

1. The Walking Dead: So recently I've been catching up on The Walking Dead Season Two in preparation to watch Season 3 (which premiers on AMC on October 14th at 9:00 P.M, 8:00 Central). For the readers that don't know, I got into the show back in June when I got Netflix and watched Season One. Then, when I blazed through the six episodes of Season One, I couldn't watch Season Two because Netflix didn't (and still doesn't) have it. That lead me to read the comic series, and I actually just read Issue #102 (the latest one), so maybe I'll review that sometime this week. Anyway, I recently bought Season Two, and can I just say I honestly don't understand why people hate it so much? Ok, so it's a bit slow, and the whole searching for Sophia for half the season issue is a bit tedious, but there's just so much suspense in this season, even for someone who's read the comics (because the show is actually just "based off of", not an adaptation). In my opinion, for the action it lacks it makes up for in suspense. I'm only halfway through Season Two though, so maybe my opinion will change. Anyway, for those of you who are either A) Thinking about watching the show, or B) Thinking about reading the comic, I highly recommend both, especially if you're into apocalyptic scenarios, psychology, zombies, or all three.

2. New York Comic Con: OH MY GOD MY PASS ARRIVED YESTERDAY AND IT'S DAMN SEXY. Also it has Deryl from The Walking Dead on it, which makes it even more bad-ass. Take a look:

You can tell I like the pass because I stamped the word "Like" next to it. Anyway, so I got my pass and it's awesome. If any of you are familiar with my old blog, last year I basically vlogged my adventures of NYCC like arriving at the hotel, walking around the show room, waiting in line for panels, and different stuff like that. This year I'll be doing that again, so definitely stay tuned to our YouTube channel and subscribe. As far as I know each individual member of PBD as planned what events they want to see, so when we all come together and compare schedules we'll be sure to post that. I might go one day in a Project: Better Dolphin shirt!

3. Borderlands 2: Chazz will actually be officially reviewing Borderlands 2, but I just wanted to put my two cents on the internet because there seem to be a lot of mixed reviews out on the internet about Gearbox's new game. I'll start off by saying I personally love it. I'm about maybe 75% through (that's an estimate, not sure though; I'm only level 22), and I just love some of the humor in the game that returns from the previous. For example, you're on the age-old Borderlands quest where you have to go around and collect Dr. Tannis's Diaries, and in one she's talking about how she tried so hard to stare at someone to make them uncomfortable that she popped a vessel in her nose and splattered blood everywhere, and the person ran away screaming. I don't know, I found it hilarious. I also just love Tiny Tina. Apparently not everyone loves her as much as I do, but I find her humor hilarious. I also love the new Slag element; it's a cool new strategy that is neither too hard to implement into your playing style nor too easy. Through my solo play-through I'm playing as a Fire Siren (there's an actual name for the class but the name escapes me at the moment), and I'm just having a spectacular time. Lastly, I loved the pizza party quest with Claptrap, and how I can now just give Claptrap high fives whenever I want. Overall I really enjoy the game and am very pleased.

4. Doctor Who: At the end of the summer Chazz got me into Doctor Who. Yesterday I just finished the second season, and it hit me right in the emotions. I love Tennant as the 10th Doctor; his strange, random outbursts of emotion make me happy and giggle. I love the Daleks with all my heart. I know they're supposed to be scary and shit, but they're just so easy to make fun of. I want to hug one someday. Also, Rose Tyler is a whore. And so is the Doctor. But I love them both. That's pretty much all I have to say about that.

5. New Car: So like 3-4 months after I purchased my first car, it's finally mine to drive. I'm trying to decide what to name it; I was originally just going to call her the TARDIS, but decided against it because it just didn't sound right. She's the car I'll be driving in the zombie apocalypse, which apparently is happening according to the CDC. So yeah. Totally unrelated, but it happened and it makes me happy.

That's pretty much all I have for you today. I'm definitely going to try to post a bunch more before Comic Con and stuff, so yeah ... look for my posts. Thanks for reading!

Peter, The Steamworks

Friday, September 28, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: A Few Words About a Few Video Games

        I haven't said anything in a while, just because I got used to doing a podcast. Doing a podcast meant I could say what I wanted without typing anything, but since we've all been busy with schooling I haven't said anything. So now I need to say some stuff. This won't just be about video games, it's just a few words about a bunch of stuff I feel I need to vocalize my opinion on.

  • Dark Souls PC Port: The Dark Souls PC port is pretty good. I've put dozens upon dozens of hours into it, cooperating with my sunbros, invading, feeding the Fair Lady, you name it, and I don't regret any of it. Yeah, I need to use a PSTriple controller because the mouse and key controls are complete ass, yeah I need to use DSFix to make the game look better, but it's the core gameplay elements, lore, and amazing replayability that keeps me playing Dark Souls. I can count this game among my all time favorites and not regret it, you can rest assured I will be dropping loads of souls on the collector's edition of the next Souls game.
  • Borderlands 2: Borderlands 2 is not as good as the first. I'll flat out say it. There's a huge lack of difficulty, the humor is juvenile and overbearing (yeah, I laughed at Bonerfarts, but it wore thin quickly), and the guns don't look as fantastic or imagined as they did in the first game. The guns may vary in model and texture a lot more, but they look too much like regular old pistols, rifles, and shotguns for me to have a sense of appeal. Yeah, I'll play it with Chazz, Eric, and Peter, but the sense of camaraderie is what will keep me going, not how fun the game is.
  • Torchlight II: Unlike Borderlands 2, Torchlight II exceeds its predecessor in every way, without a doubt. Online is fun, the epic loot and replayable dungeons make it feel like I'm a real adventurer, and the new classes are extremely well put together. It also did something Borderlands 2 did, which was have the protagonists from the first game guide the new main characters, and I really like that about both games (RIP Alchemist). Seriously, if anyone wants to gear up for some bro-op hit me up, the real successor to Diablo has arrived.
  • Humble Bundle 6: Yeah, I got it. That's really all I have to say about it. I mostly bought it for the soundtracks, the only indie game really worth playing is Torchlight, and I already have that.
  • Guild Wars 2: Guild Wars 2  is great. There's too many good things to talk about in such a short segment, so I won't do that, but I will recommend it to anybody who immaturely quit WoW because they were upset at Blizzard for putting Pandas in their game. I haven't logged on in a while because my account was hacked, so it sort of ruined my morale about the game, but I'll get back into the swing of it when Chazz hits level 60ish.
  • Faster Than Light: Is pretty fucking excellent. Pick it up. But remember, piracy cannot be forgiven.
  • Uno: Green Day's new album is okay. Just okay. It's too surfy for my tastes, but seeing as I'm an anal musician I'll wait for Dos and Tre to come out for me to drop judgement on the album collection as a whole.
  • The Possession: Was a really shitty horror movie. No doubt about it.
  • Stay Off the Roads: I can now officially operate a vehicle on roads lying on the state of New Jersey. You should see my mother's face while she's in the car with me.
  • NYCC: I got my ticket to NYCC today, which is pretty hype. I'll be sure to pick up on posting again after I attend that.
        And that's what I feel. I could talk about anime or King of the Hill, but those are all old news. Jesus christ Golden Boy is the funniest thing is the most amazing show ever.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Resident Troll: The Issue with Superman and Wonder Woman

It's been hyped up for a while, the fact that Superman and Wonder Woman were going to become a canon couple. Many people were upset for various reasons. Some loved Lois too much and some preferred Wonder Woman to be unattached. Upon hearing news of this, I didn't mind. I thought, perhaps, this could work out. This could be interesting. Then I actually read Justice League and realized that... no. No thank you. Those few pages could've been omitted from the book, and the story wouldn't have been affected at all. That's how random and lazy this coupling was.

Superman is, essentially, Wonder Woman's rebound. That's gotta hurt.

Long story short, and with a few spoilers, Wonder Woman was into another guy. However, he was a normal human and he'd gotten hurt. She ended their relationship. Still working with the Justice League and now known as Wonder Woman's ex, he gets kidnapped and tortured. Once he's rescued and in the hospital, they have a talk where he basically tells her to GTFO, because she's done enough damage. Then she decides to be emo and hang out on a rooftop, because that's what you do when you're superhuman and sad. Superman joins her, they have a talk, and then they decide to kiss.

So... again, Superman is Wonder Woman's rebound. Let's say that once more. Superman is Wonder Woman's rebound. Either that, or they've both had extremely well hidden feelings. In the previous issues, one could tell Wonder Woman preferred Superman to some of the other members of the League. She would listen to him as opposed to the Green Lantern, so you could say there was some affinity there. It was the same for Superman, who typically only spoke up around Diana or Batman.

I just... it was so poorly done. Especially with the hype, it's awful. My predictions? This shit will be gone so fast. There's nothing serious about it, yet everyone was talking about it as if it was going to become the romance of the century.

In other news, Good Morning America thinks Wonder Woman is Superman's 'sexy new sidekick', which is just... ugh. Here's the stupid link to that. I could go on another rant about that.

Troll out~.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shatterblog!: Talon #0 Review

Anyone who read my Top 10 Batman Stories post knows that I simply adored the Court of Owls storyline for the New 52 run of Batman. While I did not write anything about it, I enjoyed the Night of the Owls crossover event nearly as much (some issues, especially Batwing and All-Star Western dragged the event down in my opinion). Therefore, when DC announced a whole series devoted to a Talon, I got a little excited (alright fine. A lot excited.). While the series has yet to start for reals, this week marks the first issue, number 0. Generally these issues tell an origin story, which can be a bit of a drag (I have yet to read it, but I've heard the New 52 Nightwing 0 doesn't add anything to the well-known story of Dick Grayson). However, this Talon is a brand new character. This is an origin we have never seen before.
The story is nothing insanely innovative. The basic premise is he is a Talon who doesn't want to be a murderous monster. It's pretty interesting, but since all Talons are recruited from Haly's Circus, there's a little familiarity in the whole thing. Scott Snyder continues to be one of my favorite write for B-man and  Friends books, and I'd love to see a little crossover between this new Talon and the Bat-fam. While not really action packed, this origin is a solid start and I'm absolutely interested in seeing where the series goes next. I'm sure everything will pick up once the series gets into full swing.
Being a comic, the art is nearly as important as the writing. I was worried that it would lack Greg Capullo's excellent art style for the Talons, but I worried for nothing. While I don't like this particular Talon's costume quite as much as the standard one, Guillem March did a really fantastic job keeping things looking similar while maintaining his own art style. While Jim Lee is and forever will be my favorite artist (followed closely by Bryan Lee O'Malley), I definitely like March and hope he remains on the Talon project for some time. The whole book looks really good all around.
Generally, Talon looks like it may be some solid competition for the issue I look forward to each month (although with the Death of the Family arc coming up, it's gonna be awfully hard to beat Batman). I think it's great to get a brand new face in the New 52, especially since Court of Owls and Night of the Owls were so fantastic. 9.5/10.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Red Viking: Wallpaper Update #7

Hay guys and welcome back to another edition of top five wallpapers. this weeks is mainly funny things because they are awesome. Anyway this will be short because it's a school day and all, so here we go!!!!

Science!!!!!! Just because.

Now this is another Portal reference that I hope you understand.

Here is a Batman wall paper that accidentally goes along with Chazz's post.

Another background I made for Doctor Who!

Last but not least is a simple background for you people who have Rainmeter.

Thanks for viewing and make sure to come back next week!

Shatterblog!: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 Review

Today is a big day for movie releases. First off, the absurdly popular (deservedly so) The Avengers hit shelves today, much to the joy of everyone that doesn't hate good movies. The slightly less hyped James Bond Collection was also released, an essential collection for the 007 enthusiast. When I went to the local Best Buy today, I did not purchase either of those movies. I went for the sole purpose of picking up The Dark Knight Returns, Part One. I think I chose the right movie.
As all of you most likely know, I love just about everything Batman. Some of our longtime viewers will recognize The Dark Knight Returns as the number 3 on my Top Ten Batman Stories list. Therefore nobody will be surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.
The movie follows the same premise of the comic, obviously, and it will be somewhat familiar to anyone who saw The Dark Knight Rises, which was based on The Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall, and No Man's Land. Batman has been retired for ten years when the movie opens, but the return of an old enemy and a new threat in the form of a deadly gang called the mutants force Batman (SPOILER ALERT: In The Dark Knight Returns, the Dark Knight does in fact return.) out of retirement. The only major disappointment in terms of following source material was the opening. The graphic novel is known for the opening lines "This would be a good death. But not good enough." and they were left out of the movie entirely. However, it's all uphill from there. It follows the source very well, so naturally the story is fantastic. Frank Miller is easily one of my favorite Batman scribes, and this story remains absolutely fantastic. There's a good amount of action, and Part One ends at a natural breaking point. The story so far is wrapped up properly, but you're left with no doubt as to where this is going next.
The animation was impressive, with quality very consistent throughout. Anyone who has read The Dark Knight Returns knows how unique the art style is, and while the movie didn't perfectly mimic it, it did an excellent job of honoring the original without being quite as inconsistent. In my opinion the more realistic art made the movie more watchable, as some of the more absurd panels would probably not have translated quite as well to film.
A huge concern to me is always the voice acting. I'm definitely a Batman purist, to the point that I won't watch any Batman not voiced by Kevin Conroy (Under the Red Hood is an exception). However, since Batman is around sixty or seventy years old, a different voice actor was certainly needed. Peter Wellers does an absolutely fantastic job. We can all agree now that he is the voice of elderly Batman. I intend to reread The Dark Knight Returns and Strikes Again this week and I will do so in his voice. Ariel Winter does a really good job of capturing Carrie Kelly's energy, but one of my favorite performances can't be credited to a person. All the voices of the Mutant gang members were fantastic. Every voice actor for those parts sounded absolutely natural using the strange slang of the mutant gang members. The only time it sounded out of place was when Carrie used it. I wasn't as big a fan of David Selby's performance as Gordon, but it was in no way awful. (NOTE: After watching the bonus feature sneak peak of Part Two, I can say with confidence that the Joker will also be fantastic. While nobody will ever top Conroy and Hamill as the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime, The Dark Knight Returns will not disappoint).
I'd like to say that in other reviews I read, it was noted that the frequent news broadcasts, which were integral to the book, were mildly annoying in the movie. I strongly disagree. While they do break up the action a bit, I think they're every bit as good in the movie as in the comics. The psychologist who speaks against Batman is still extremely irritating, but that just means it translated well.
Overall The Dark Knight Returns, Part One is a successful adaptation of one of the better Batman graphic novels. Breaking it into two parts was an excellent decision, and I for one am thoroughly hyped for the second half to be released. Easily a 9/10.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Red Viking: wallpaper update #6

Hello and welcome back. This week I didn't think I would find that many wall papers....Turns out I was wrong and that I found to many. Sadly I am not going to post the other ones but you will see them next week so make sure to come back!

Anyway, here are the backgrounds for this weeks top 5...

First I give you another Doctor Who wallpaper with a Dalek theme.

Next is an avengers wallpaper with each hero in every form(you will know what i mean).

Now this wallpaper everyone should be able to relate to.

I saw this one and thought it looked cool so I decided that I would let you guys behold its glory.

last but not least I give you a wallpaper to brighten up your day.

Thanks for the view and see you next time!!
(Don't forget to comment and tell us what you would like to see on the blog.)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resident Troll: Three iPhone Games With Songs That Will Get Stuck in Your Head

There you are, sitting in the car, waiting for a friend, or maybe you've just seen everything the front page of reddit has to offer. It creeps into your consciousness... the song you hate from a game you love. It happens to me far too often, so I'll share with you three iPhone games with songs that will get stuck in your head.

ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK: So, there's this unicorn. And it's a robot. And it attacks. Robot Unicorn Attack is a side scrolling game where you are the aforementioned unicorn, jumping from platforms and smashing into supar pretti starz. It's good times, and a little hard, but I'm not good at anything, so don't trust that opinion. The song is kind of mellow, with a bit of a kick, and... it's never going to leave you alone. If you don't feel like throwing up the three dollars, you can play it on the Adult Swim website here.

NYAN CAT LOST IN SPACE: I don't blame you for trying to forget the Nyan cat video that went all over the web last year. It was an endless loop of a poptart cat, with the accompanying nyannyannyan, etc.

Well, that was made into a game.

It's platformer, and you collect coins and milk, and it's extremely mindless, but very time consuming. You fall, you die. You step on a bomb and you die. Sometimes you get to be supernyan. My favorite part is when it say over nyan thousand. I laughed. If you're really cool, you'll collect coins so you can change the background. I quite like turning nyan cat into IronNyan. Of course, this mindless entertainment comes at the price of the constant nyan... You can find it here, but the iOS version is more recent.

TECHNO KITTEN ADVENTURE: In all honesty... I'm surprised this game doesn't have a seizure warning. It's trippy as fuck. You fly through some acid-trip world as a cat, avoiding obstacles and the barriers on the bottom and top of the screen. Meanwhile, the world flickers to the beat of the song playing. It's a catchy song, which is all good... but then I'm trying to go to bed and it's still playing in my head. If you like cats and techno, this should be super happy funtimes all around.

So there you have it. My best advice to get rid of the plaguing of these various songs would be to pop in some headphones and listen to your own brand of music. I'm going to go back under my bridge now. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Resident Troll: Five New TV Shows I'm Looking Forward To

I watch too much TV. This may have to do with the fact that I'm home all the freaking time. I love a good story, but I also love a good laugh. So here are five new TV shows I'm looking forward to.

THE NEW NORMAL: It's a TV show about two gays and their surrogate. I watched the pilot with my mum, and it's actually really good. And yeah, go put your homophobic comments at the door. It's funny. The only thing I'm kind of iffy about is that it attempts to drag out the dreaded flamboyant gay man stereotype. Either way, I'm hoping this is better than Glee in the long run.

REVOLUTION: Another one I saw the pilot of. It definitely have the potential to be great, or it could end up being like Terra Nova, crippled by the whole 'family appeal' of it. It's an interesting premise, and I do love  when media destroys the world then reinvents it.

ARROW: I just keep thinking please let this one be good. It's what I'm most looking forward to. Katie Cassidy bothers me, but the rest of it looks really good. I don't really fancy the CW (most of their programming is really mindless) but... fingers crossed? If not, there will be many angry Green Arrow fans, and Arrow will be that-thing-that-doesn't-exist-shh. Kind of like what I'm hoping Korra season one will become if season two is good.

LAST RESORT: Last Resort definitely has a Lost-ish feeling, but I kind of like the idea of taking over an island by force. It brings about an anti-hero feeling, which is something that's hard to find with television these days.

THE MINDY PROJECT: After hearing a lot about it, I watched the pilot and it actually made me laugh. That's basically my requirement for a comedy, and here we are. Not a big fan of the romcom obsessed aspect of the main character, but you win some, you lose some.

And there you have it! If you'd like to see a post on returning TV I'm looking forward to, let me know in the comments!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Red Viking: Wallpaper Update #5

Hay, I know that this will be posted late Monday but I don't know what I'll be doing then so I will post it now.

First up is in anticipation for the new game coming out, Halo 4!!

Next, since Chazz of Shatterblog and I started watching Dr. Who, I give you the TARDIS!

Now this one is a wallpaper I love not only for it's style but also what it stands for. Daft Punk!!!

Here is one that I edited a little, just to remove some words that I did not think needed to be there, for a game of thrones wallpaper and I love it for its high quality also.

Last I give you one made by a friend named Illkya Acosta who takes amazing pictures of the world around her and also has a talent for editing as well. Check her out at (    or

thanks for the view and see you soon!

The Steamworks: My Magical Playlist Hiatus

Hey Gang,

Sadly, I don't have many things to discuss. Not much time. So let me just update you on a few things:

1. My Magical Playlist is on Hiatus, at least for like another month or so. I promise once I get back into the swing of school and such (but that pretty much goes for everything).Again, sorry to the people who actually care about my contribution to the blog, I'm just going through a very busy stage right now.

2. I've picked up The Binding of Isaac again (in case you didn't know, that's the novel I've been working on for about 6 months. I took a break from it for some of the summer). I have to say, I'm really excited to continue writing it, and I was thinking about maybe publishing a few excerpts from the book on here sometimes since we're trademarked and everything.

3. Most of us have purchased our NYCC passes by now. Gabby and I purchased 4 day passes, but Chazz (and pretty sure JD) bought 3 days, so they're gonna see if they can upgrade to a 4 day and if they could arrange to go the extra day. Extra excited about Comic Con, and we'll definitely be covering it, even if we didn't get press passes. My Nathan Drake Costume's almost finished; All I need is the button-neck thermal he wears and I'll be all set (I ordered the holster on ebay and it should be here in a week or two).

That's pretty much it guys. I'll see y'all later,

Peter, The Steamworks

Friday, September 7, 2012

Shatterblog!: Life Update and Lost at Sea Review

I'll start this out with a little apology for the general lack of content. School is getting back into swing for most of us. Gabby doesn't have an excuse and you should all yell at her to write more. But anyway, once some of us do more than sleep and school, you will get more regular posts from us, or at least me. However, spending lots of time at school means I spend a lot of time trying to not be there mentally, which means books! Today I'll be reviewing Brain Lee O'Malley's less appreciated but still fantastic book, Lost at Sea.
Many people know O'Malley for writing the Scott Pilgrim series, which it is no secret I absolutely love (my blog title is a reference to a line in Scott Pilgrim). Far fewer people are aware of Lost at Sea, which is a shame because it's really well written. It tells the story of Raleigh, a girl on a roadtrip with 3 people she barely knows, and also she has no soul. The book starts out not making the most sense ever, but by the time you complete it everything is all tied up and it's wonderful. This book was so good that I read it in half the day, and then spent my whole study hall rereading it and writing down every single quote I loved. I filled both sides of a paper, and I've got a bit to go. I would consider my life a success if I could write just one truly incredible quote, the kind that sticks with a few people, or has some kind of really important meaning to them. There are literally at least a dozen of those quotes in this short little volume. O'Malley's ability to write a good story is only eclipsed by his ability to tell it in well chosen and impactful language.
However, unlike with most comic book and graphic novel writers, O'Malley writes AND draws. The art in this is very typical O'Malley, and some of the characters look like they fell straight out of Scott Pilgrim. That said, it looks really great, as long as you like his art style. Everyone has their own preference, but personally, I think the book looks fantastic. It kind of comes through, in a way, that he does all of it. The text and the drawings just mesh better, more like they were done at the same time than the artist drew what the writer said to in some notes. I really can't complain much about this book, although I wouldn't mind a bit more explanation for certain elements. There aren't glaring plot holes, but a few details could have resolved more pleasingly. However, they don't detract from it much, and they only actually bothered me in my nit-picky second reading. The book is fantastic, and I recommend it to fans of Scott Pilgrim, or O'Malley's art style, or slightly odd stories. It's just a genuinely good read. 9.5/10

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Red Viking: Wallpaper Update #4

It is that time again! Time for more wallpapers! This time were back to normal and its not themed or anything that friends or I have done, just average backgrounds that I have found. Here we go!

Now I personally don't play Gears of War. A few of my friends do but i still found this to be a good background.

Here is a wallpaper to celebrate a game that came out not to long ago "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron".

This background is from a game we all know and love (If you don't know what this is I have some bad news for you).

To honor our "fallen troops" I give you a memorial to these men and woman who gave their lives to protect others.

(This is a blog writen by nerds and geeks... did you think I ment real troops?)

(I do respect the real troops that actually are not made out of pixels and give them full gratitude for what they do.)

last but not least I give you two guys with large swords for your entertainment. (That's what she said)

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!

(Also check out the rest of the blog, there's some great stuff!)