Thursday, September 27, 2012

Resident Troll: The Issue with Superman and Wonder Woman

It's been hyped up for a while, the fact that Superman and Wonder Woman were going to become a canon couple. Many people were upset for various reasons. Some loved Lois too much and some preferred Wonder Woman to be unattached. Upon hearing news of this, I didn't mind. I thought, perhaps, this could work out. This could be interesting. Then I actually read Justice League and realized that... no. No thank you. Those few pages could've been omitted from the book, and the story wouldn't have been affected at all. That's how random and lazy this coupling was.

Superman is, essentially, Wonder Woman's rebound. That's gotta hurt.

Long story short, and with a few spoilers, Wonder Woman was into another guy. However, he was a normal human and he'd gotten hurt. She ended their relationship. Still working with the Justice League and now known as Wonder Woman's ex, he gets kidnapped and tortured. Once he's rescued and in the hospital, they have a talk where he basically tells her to GTFO, because she's done enough damage. Then she decides to be emo and hang out on a rooftop, because that's what you do when you're superhuman and sad. Superman joins her, they have a talk, and then they decide to kiss.

So... again, Superman is Wonder Woman's rebound. Let's say that once more. Superman is Wonder Woman's rebound. Either that, or they've both had extremely well hidden feelings. In the previous issues, one could tell Wonder Woman preferred Superman to some of the other members of the League. She would listen to him as opposed to the Green Lantern, so you could say there was some affinity there. It was the same for Superman, who typically only spoke up around Diana or Batman.

I just... it was so poorly done. Especially with the hype, it's awful. My predictions? This shit will be gone so fast. There's nothing serious about it, yet everyone was talking about it as if it was going to become the romance of the century.

In other news, Good Morning America thinks Wonder Woman is Superman's 'sexy new sidekick', which is just... ugh. Here's the stupid link to that. I could go on another rant about that.

Troll out~.

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