Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resident Troll: Three iPhone Games With Songs That Will Get Stuck in Your Head

There you are, sitting in the car, waiting for a friend, or maybe you've just seen everything the front page of reddit has to offer. It creeps into your consciousness... the song you hate from a game you love. It happens to me far too often, so I'll share with you three iPhone games with songs that will get stuck in your head.

ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK: So, there's this unicorn. And it's a robot. And it attacks. Robot Unicorn Attack is a side scrolling game where you are the aforementioned unicorn, jumping from platforms and smashing into supar pretti starz. It's good times, and a little hard, but I'm not good at anything, so don't trust that opinion. The song is kind of mellow, with a bit of a kick, and... it's never going to leave you alone. If you don't feel like throwing up the three dollars, you can play it on the Adult Swim website here.

NYAN CAT LOST IN SPACE: I don't blame you for trying to forget the Nyan cat video that went all over the web last year. It was an endless loop of a poptart cat, with the accompanying nyannyannyan, etc.

Well, that was made into a game.

It's platformer, and you collect coins and milk, and it's extremely mindless, but very time consuming. You fall, you die. You step on a bomb and you die. Sometimes you get to be supernyan. My favorite part is when it say over nyan thousand. I laughed. If you're really cool, you'll collect coins so you can change the background. I quite like turning nyan cat into IronNyan. Of course, this mindless entertainment comes at the price of the constant nyan... You can find it here, but the iOS version is more recent.

TECHNO KITTEN ADVENTURE: In all honesty... I'm surprised this game doesn't have a seizure warning. It's trippy as fuck. You fly through some acid-trip world as a cat, avoiding obstacles and the barriers on the bottom and top of the screen. Meanwhile, the world flickers to the beat of the song playing. It's a catchy song, which is all good... but then I'm trying to go to bed and it's still playing in my head. If you like cats and techno, this should be super happy funtimes all around.

So there you have it. My best advice to get rid of the plaguing of these various songs would be to pop in some headphones and listen to your own brand of music. I'm going to go back under my bridge now. 

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