Friday, September 28, 2012

Slightly Redder Red: A Few Words About a Few Video Games

        I haven't said anything in a while, just because I got used to doing a podcast. Doing a podcast meant I could say what I wanted without typing anything, but since we've all been busy with schooling I haven't said anything. So now I need to say some stuff. This won't just be about video games, it's just a few words about a bunch of stuff I feel I need to vocalize my opinion on.

  • Dark Souls PC Port: The Dark Souls PC port is pretty good. I've put dozens upon dozens of hours into it, cooperating with my sunbros, invading, feeding the Fair Lady, you name it, and I don't regret any of it. Yeah, I need to use a PSTriple controller because the mouse and key controls are complete ass, yeah I need to use DSFix to make the game look better, but it's the core gameplay elements, lore, and amazing replayability that keeps me playing Dark Souls. I can count this game among my all time favorites and not regret it, you can rest assured I will be dropping loads of souls on the collector's edition of the next Souls game.
  • Borderlands 2: Borderlands 2 is not as good as the first. I'll flat out say it. There's a huge lack of difficulty, the humor is juvenile and overbearing (yeah, I laughed at Bonerfarts, but it wore thin quickly), and the guns don't look as fantastic or imagined as they did in the first game. The guns may vary in model and texture a lot more, but they look too much like regular old pistols, rifles, and shotguns for me to have a sense of appeal. Yeah, I'll play it with Chazz, Eric, and Peter, but the sense of camaraderie is what will keep me going, not how fun the game is.
  • Torchlight II: Unlike Borderlands 2, Torchlight II exceeds its predecessor in every way, without a doubt. Online is fun, the epic loot and replayable dungeons make it feel like I'm a real adventurer, and the new classes are extremely well put together. It also did something Borderlands 2 did, which was have the protagonists from the first game guide the new main characters, and I really like that about both games (RIP Alchemist). Seriously, if anyone wants to gear up for some bro-op hit me up, the real successor to Diablo has arrived.
  • Humble Bundle 6: Yeah, I got it. That's really all I have to say about it. I mostly bought it for the soundtracks, the only indie game really worth playing is Torchlight, and I already have that.
  • Guild Wars 2: Guild Wars 2  is great. There's too many good things to talk about in such a short segment, so I won't do that, but I will recommend it to anybody who immaturely quit WoW because they were upset at Blizzard for putting Pandas in their game. I haven't logged on in a while because my account was hacked, so it sort of ruined my morale about the game, but I'll get back into the swing of it when Chazz hits level 60ish.
  • Faster Than Light: Is pretty fucking excellent. Pick it up. But remember, piracy cannot be forgiven.
  • Uno: Green Day's new album is okay. Just okay. It's too surfy for my tastes, but seeing as I'm an anal musician I'll wait for Dos and Tre to come out for me to drop judgement on the album collection as a whole.
  • The Possession: Was a really shitty horror movie. No doubt about it.
  • Stay Off the Roads: I can now officially operate a vehicle on roads lying on the state of New Jersey. You should see my mother's face while she's in the car with me.
  • NYCC: I got my ticket to NYCC today, which is pretty hype. I'll be sure to pick up on posting again after I attend that.
        And that's what I feel. I could talk about anime or King of the Hill, but those are all old news. Jesus christ Golden Boy is the funniest thing is the most amazing show ever.

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