Monday, September 10, 2012

The Red Viking: Wallpaper Update #5

Hay, I know that this will be posted late Monday but I don't know what I'll be doing then so I will post it now.

First up is in anticipation for the new game coming out, Halo 4!!

Next, since Chazz of Shatterblog and I started watching Dr. Who, I give you the TARDIS!

Now this one is a wallpaper I love not only for it's style but also what it stands for. Daft Punk!!!

Here is one that I edited a little, just to remove some words that I did not think needed to be there, for a game of thrones wallpaper and I love it for its high quality also.

Last I give you one made by a friend named Illkya Acosta who takes amazing pictures of the world around her and also has a talent for editing as well. Check her out at (    or

thanks for the view and see you soon!

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